Fail to File the NEW right Document (2017) after your Accident-Lose Your License!

In August 2014, Woodland Hills personal injury attorney, Barry P. Goldberg, published an immensely popular Article “Fail to File the Right Document after your Accident-Lose Your License.” That Article is still widely read and very popular on the Internet getting literally hundreds of reads every month.  It turns out that the public (and some lawyers!) are…


Hit and Run Accidents in Canoga Park

Hit and run accidents are all too common in the San Fernando Valley, and Canoga Park is no exception. Sadly, many victims of hit and run accidents do not report their injuries or property damage to their insurance company, as they are not aware that they can recover financial compensation.

Insurance and hit and runs

Auto insurance is required for drivers in California. Indeed, the state has set minimum auto liability insurance requirements that must be met by drivers in order to comply with the law. Drivers must carry at least, $15K personal injury/death to one person.


Have You Ever Been a Victim of Road Rage?

Woodland Hills Personal Injury Attorney Barry P. Goldberg hears about Road Rage and accidents resulting from Road Rage all the time. But, what is “Road Rage”? However, from a legal standpoint, the conduct such motorists may be considered either aggressive driving or road rage. Understanding the difference between the two is important when deciding how…


What happens when you are injured by an “Aggressive Driver”?

Woodland Hills Personal Injury Attorney Barry P. Goldberg must separate out aggressive driving from “road rage” on a regular basis.  The term “road rage” is often confused with “aggressive” driving.  Understanding the difference between ‘aggressive” driving and “road rage” is important when deciding what claims to pursue. What is Aggressive Driving? Aggressive driving is intentional…


7 Important Things Everyone Should Have In Their Car

At the law offices of Barry P. Goldberg, ‘Always Be Prepared’ is the mantra for 2017! It never hurts to be a prepared — or even a tad bit over-prepared. Car emergencies and auto accidents are a fairly frequent occurrence in the San Fernando Valley. If you are a car owner and a regular driver, here are a few tips on what to have in your car for emergency situations.

Extra Emergency Cash

With so many of us relying on credit cards and debit cards, we often don’t think about carrying around cash. A little extra cash might come in handy from time to time. It’s easy to lose a wallet or a credit card. Stash some emergency cash to be used only in a true emergency situation and it might get you out of a few tight spots.


The New DUI Is…

Effective January 1, 2017, all residents of the state of California are prohibited from using their cell phones while driving. This does mean no texting, calling, Snapping, or Wazing – indeed, drivers are no longer allowed to hold a phone in their hand.

While texting and driving has been illegal for quite some time, this law heightens the restrictions of mobile phone use while driving with the goal of reducing the frequency of accidents caused by distracted driving. We all know that texting and driving is a main cause behind distracted driving accidents. However, using your phone for any other purposes while driving is just as likely to distract and lead to the possibility of life-threatening motor accidents.


Hey! The Foreign Good Driver Discount Works!

Woodland Hills Personal Injury Attorney Barry P. Goldberg recently published: “U.S. Citizen or not, you may qualify for the California Good Driver Discount.” The Article examined the good driver discount as it applies to foreign drivers licensed in California for less than three years. Under California law, a foreign driver may claim a good driver…