Deadly Crash in Canoga Park Sheds Light on Impaired Driving

Recently a high-speed crash in Canoga Park, California took the life of young driver Steven Rodriguez, just two weeks after his 21st birthday.  Authorities believe than an excessive rate of speed combined with possible alcohol consumption led to the catastrophic accident.  Reports from the scene of the car crash state that Steven was driving at such an excessive rate of speed that upon impact with a fire hydrant the car was cut in half and split apart, and the hydrant flew into one of the nearby buildings.  According to one witness who spoke to local station KTLA 5, “It was like a giant river of … car parts floating by,” said witness Angel Cerda. “Half of the car was on one side of the street, and the other half was on the other side of the street. The man was still in the car, sitting down, his seatbelt on. … It was a complete mess.”

We are devastated for Steven’s family and loved ones.


When Auto Accidents Injure Children

According to the CDC, auto accidents are among the leading cause of injury and death among children in the U.S. While most parents go out of their way to ensure that their children are safe from every harm, the fact remains that children will likely suffer an injury at some point in their life. Indeed, according to the World Health Organization, auto accident injuries are the leading cause of death for persons between ten and nineteen years old. What’s more, car crashes still cause 1 of every 4 unintentional injury deaths in children under 13.

What do you do if that injury is the result of a car accident that was not your fault?

Auto accidents and children


Summer is the Worst for Teen Drivers!

Woodland Hills personal injury attorney Barry P. Goldberg has raised two teen drivers, lives near Calabasas High School and can confirm that the Summer is the worst time of year for teen accidents. In fact, according to a recent AAA Traffic Study between Memorial Day and Labor Day and average 10 people die every single…


Attorney Barry P. Goldberg Quoted Extensively in Injury Compensation Article

Experienced Woodland Hills attorney Barry P. Goldberg is often sought out to discuss various aspects of personal injury cases. In a recent article in the national online publication, Barry shares his thoughts on a California appeals court’s recent holding that parties sued for medical malpractice can use projected Affordable Care Act benefits to challenge…


Pedestrian Accidents Increase in Canoga Park

Pedestrian accidents can be a terrifying experience for the victims, resulting in long-term emotional pain, such as PTSD, as well as numerous physical injuries. The feeling of the impact, the crunch of metal, and the smell of burning rubber from the tires may be ingrained in your memory for life. Unfortunately for the victims, pedestrian accidents are all too common in Canoga Park.

Types of Pedestrian Car Accidents


E-Cigarettes, Distracted Driving, and Car Accidents

There are many forms of distracted driving (texting and driving being one that we are constantly discussing, due to its seriousness) and recently, another one was added to the list: e-cig’ing and driving. While it is not against the law in California to drive while smoking an e-cigarette, it is against the law to drive while distracted. Distracted driving is any activity that takes your eyes off the road, your hands off the wheel, or your mind off your primary task of driving safely. If you or a loved one was injured in an auto accident that was not your fault, California law and experienced Woodland Hills accident attorneys are on your side.

E-Cig Driving Injuries


Dog Bites and the Mailman

Dog bites occur almost every day in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. California paid out the most in dog bite-related injury settlements in 2012. Often, our postal workers are most at risk for dog bites and indeed, Los Angeles tops the country when it comes to dog attacks on postal workers.

Given available training methods for dogs, particularly for breeds known to be more aggressive, as well as public awareness about dog bites and the serious injuries they can cause, one might think that dog bite attacks might be on the decline. Unfortunately, the reverse is true and each day about 1,000 dog bite victims require emergency care treatment for serious dog bite injuries and about 9,500 citizens are hospitalized each year due to dog bite injuries and dog bites are the fifth most frequent cause of Emergency Room visits for children.


Vacation Accidents: What To Do When Injured on a Vacation in California

California is known as the Golden State thanks to its beautiful beaches, sunny weather, and tan, healthy residents. The Valley is a popular tourist destination, as it is just miles away from the coast of Malibu, wonderful museums, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, an ever popular tourist destination.

Unfortunately, the influx of tourists in Southern California also means a greater number of vehicles on our roads and boats in our oceans, resulting in more motor vehicle and boating accidents. As accident victims can attest, these accidents can occur anywhere and at any time – even while on vacation. Many times, especially when medical care is involved, the injured person needs to seek medical treatment while still in California. Delaying treatment until you get home is often not a good idea, as insurance companies often use gaps in medical care as a reason to deny your claim or offer you less than your injuries deserve. Regardless of what they claim to the contrary, the insurance companies (even your own!) are not on your side, as it their goal to settle your personal injury claim as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Do not give them any leeway to do so. Reach out to an experienced injury attorney in Woodland Hills to discuss your legal rights.