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If you were involved in a car accident and sustained one or more dental injuries, then we suggest contacting an MVA lawyer Woodland Hills, CA residents trust Barry P. Goldberg. Nearly six million car accidents occur annually in the United States, and many results in serious dental injuries that require costly medical treatment. If you were injured in a car accident, do not delay getting examined by a doctor.

If your head or facial area made contact with the dashboard, windshield, a deployed airbag, or any other object, you may have dental injuries and not even be aware of them yet. Some conditions such as root canal damage do not always present symptoms immediately. If left unattended, like any other injury to the body, the condition may worsen and become even more serious.

Seeking Compensation
When car accident victims sustain injuries in accidents caused by careless drivers, they may be eligible to seek compensation from the negligent party with help from an MVA lawyer in Woodland Hills. Dental treatment can require a number of visits, surgeries, cosmetic treatments, and much more. The cost adds up quickly. A car accident lawyer Woodland Hills, CA trusts from Barry P. Goldberg law firm can review your case, usually at no charge. We can let you know how we may be able to help, from assisting with the claims process to representation in court, should a trial be necessary.

The larger the claim, the more likely the at-fault party’s insurance company will make every effort to avoid paying it out. This can make it difficult to pay the medical bills as they come up and to plan for the future. An experienced MVA lawyer in CA can usually speed up the process of getting compensation and will work to obtain the maximum possible settlement, even from uncooperative insurance companies.

See a Dentist as Soon as Possible
A California MVA lawyer in Woodland Hills recommends taking dental injuries just as seriously as any other type of physical injury. Certain types of dental injuries such as an avulsed tooth (one that has been forcibly and completely removed from its socket) may be reversible if it receives immediate medical attention. Virtually any dental injury may be considered an emergency because significant damage to unseen portions of the mouth, gums, and teeth can occur.

Obtaining immediate medical care and keeping records of one’s diagnosis as well as copies of medical invoices and treatment recommendations is essential. This documentation can be included in an injury claim when seeking compensation from those responsible for causing the car accident. Even one’s transportation costs to and from medical treatment may be considered compensable damages. For example, if your car is inoperable because of the accident, you can claim rental car fees, parking fees, and gasoline among your accident-related damages.

Hire a Car Accident Attorney
If your damages will exceed a few thousand dollars, consider hiring a car accident attorney who can fight the insurance companies for compensation on your behalf. A respected attorney often gets a better response from a reluctant insurance carrier who is less interested in honoring valid claims than in making a profit. Call a Woodland Hills, CA MVA lawyer at Barry P. Goldberg today for assistance.