Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Reseda, CA

Reseda Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When you are suffering from injuries that happened because of a motorcycle accident, it is time to speak with the trusted motorcycle accident lawyer Reseda, CA trusts Barry P. Goldberg. One of the most devastating things that can happen to a client is getting into a motorcycle accident because if they survive, their injuries are severe. The injuries from a motorcycle accident are usually severe. It’s devastating to come out of an accident with injuries, and you don’t know when you can expect to fully recover. Hiring a lawyer can be beneficial if you want to file a claim and pursue the person who caused the accident. You may be able to obtain compensation to cover your losses. When someone has caused you to get into an accident on your motorcycle, we know you are seeking compensation for the negligence that occurred, potential property damage, and your injuries. If you would like to speak with our attorney about your accident, call our trusted team now. We want to help you get the compensation you deserve. 

How is my compensation amount determined? 

This is a great question and we know you may be wondering what you can get back after injuries from a motorcycle accident. It is one of the first questions that lawyers typically receive from accident victims. A lawyer can assess your case and tell you if your case is valid. From there, they can calculate the damages of your case to see what amount that you should be compensated for. It is not a good idea to try and calculate the damages or determine your case value yourself as there are a lot of things that need to be taken into account. Only an experienced lawyer can provide an accurate case assessment. When it comes to compensation, there are several factors that are evaluated. There are typically two things that we will be looking into and pursuing with your motorcycle accident claim:

  • Who is responsible/liable for the accident occurring
  • What kind of losses did you suffer from because of the motorcycle accident

Liability. When it comes to liability, this means we want to know who was at fault for the accident. If you caused the accident to occur, we would not be able to pursue a claim with someone else. Similarly, it is possible for someone to hit you but not be liable because they may not have been acting in a way that is negligent. So, one of the most important factors we examine first is who caused the accident. Especially if someone was driving distracted, under the influence, or recklessly, this would be cause for stating they were liable for the accident. Once we can determine who caused the accident, then we can move forward in the investigation and see if negligence played a role. 

Damages. The next things we would look into are the damages you have suffered. Damages refer to the injuries and other losses that you have suffered as a result of the accident. This means we want to know the details of the kinds of injuries you are suffering from and if any property damage has occurred. For example, while you would be lucky to walk away from a motorcycle accident with a broken arm, the damages, in this case, would be significantly lower than if you lost a limb or were paralyzed. In contrast, if you had become paralyzed or suffered a severe brain injury, the damages would be much higher. Additionally, our Reseda, California motorcycle accident lawyer knows that you can get more damages if property damage has occurred because of the accident. A lawyer will review the damages so they can get a sense of the compensation amount that should be awarded to you. 

What To Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Learning to ride a motorcycle can be exhilarating. However, the fun also comes with some risks. Motorcyclists can deal with more injuries in an accident than those in passenger vehicles.

It is important to look out for your safety immediately following a motorcycle accident. You are owed compensation like anyone else in a vehicle accident. A lawyer from Barry P. Goldberg can assist you in getting the compensation you deserve. 

Look Out for Your Safety

You are exposed when you are out on your motorcycle. This includes being in an accident, as well. If you are able, move out of the way of traffic. Get onto a large shoulder to neighboring property. Keep your helmet and other safety gear on at all times. 

Notify Law Enforcement

Making sure you are safe is your number one priority. Once you’ve established that, you should dial 911. This will initiate a law enforcement response. A dispatcher will likely ask you if you need medical attention. An ambulance can be sent your way for serious injuries. 

Police officers can create an accident report after they’ve arrived on the scene. This report will be important when you file an insurance claim. 

Document the Scene

You must write down the details of the accident. This can include several things, like what happened in the crash from your perspective. Write down the time and location of the accident occurrence. If you are able, exchange information with other parties involved. This can include contact information, driver’s license information, and license plate information.

Sometimes it isn’t possible to collect all information. For instance, maybe you were involved in a hit-and-run. Maybe other parties won’t cooperate. You are still entitled to just compensation. A motorcycle accident lawyer in Reseda, CA, can help you work through more complicated situations.

Schedule a Medical Appointment

If you have severe injuries, an ambulance can take you to get immediate medical care. However, even if you don’t believe you are injured, you should still see a doctor as soon as possible after your accident. Some symptoms, like brain injuries, may not present symptoms right away.

Save any documentation from your post-accident medical visits. If your injuries continue to cause you trouble in day-to-day life, you deserve compensation. A motorcycle accident lawyer in Reseda, CA, can help you with this. That way, you can focus on your recovery.

Motorcycle accidents can be jarring. Barry P. Goldberg’s lawyers understand and are willing to try their best and get you through this situation. 

What You Can Expect When Filing a Claim

Pursuing a motorcycle accident claim can be very daunting. If it’s your first time going through such a devastating event, it can be a lot to process. It may also be your first time having to obtain assistance from a lawyer. However, hiring a lawyer can be beneficial so that you do not have to go through the case on your own. By hiring a Reseda, California motorcycle accident lawyer, you can feel peace of mind in knowing that you have a legal advocate on your side. This professional can assist you in giving your case the best chance of recovering compensation. By choosing our firm, please understand your case will go through a process similar to the following:

Consultation – We’ll meet with you in person, or via phone or live chat (i.e. Zoom) to discuss your motorcycle accident, as well as the details and any settlement offer you might have received. 

Building a Case – Your lawyer will carry out a full investigation of your case to understand the full extent of your injuries. This may include any current or prospective medical bills, lost wages and loss of income, pain and suffering, and more. We will conduct accurate calculations to determine the value of your case. With the information we find in our investigation, we’ll present a demand package to the insurance company. 

Settlement Offer – Based on our findings, and the demand package, we expect the insurance company to offer a settlement. If, and when, they do, we will assess this offer and help you to understand what may be best for you. If the insurance company offers you a low compensation package, the lawyer will attempt to negotiate so that you can get a higher package.

Lawsuit – In the event, the settlement offer is insufficient or unfair, we may choose to file a lawsuit. We will prepare your case as if you do have to court so that we are always prepared for any outcome. Afterwhich, we will undertake the next steps in the process. This may include a discovery period, depositions, hearings, and eventually a trial. 

The above is a general overview of what you might expect. No two cases are exactly alike; thus, yours could include different processes or steps. We welcome you to call our firm for a consultation and to see if we’re a good fit for your case. 

Will My Case Settle Out of Court?

In general, the majority of Reseda motorcycle accident cases will settle out of court. Trials are time-consuming, costly, and uncertain. It is well known that jurors tend to be sympathetic towards the victim and not the insurance company. That said, an initial settlement offer will almost certainly be less than the value of your case once a lawsuit has been filed. 

Your motorcycle accident lawyer in Reseda, CA has done this many times before. Your lawyer will have an idea of what your case is worth and can advise you as to whether a settlement is most appropriate, or if your case may be better suited to a trial. Typically 95% of cases will settle out of court. 

Keep in mind that while your lawyer will guide you through the process and provide you with both feedback and opinions as to how to resolve your case, you will get to make the final decision. Our firm respects the decision of every client. If you believe your case should go to trial, we will talk with you about how to proceed from there. 

You could be conflicted about whether you want to hire a lawyer to assist you through your case. You might be thinking that you could probably handle the case yourself, or that you don’t want the hassle of a legal battle. While these are understandable beliefs that accident victims have, the guidance and counsel a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer can offer can be highly beneficial. Accident victims who decide to hire a lawyer can increase their chances of obtaining significantly higher compensation. 

FAQs About Motorcycle Accidents

How Long Is it Going to Take To Resolve Your Case?

Every case is different, so the time it takes to resolve your case will vary, too. It could be a matter of weeks if liability is clear and the other party’s insurance company offers a fair settlement. It could be a matter of several months if the insurance company refuses to settle and you have to go to trial. Regardless, Barry P. Goldberg, a motorcycle accident lawyer in Reseda, CA, is ready to take on your case.

What if Your Motorcycle Accident Was Caused by a Hit and Run Driver?

It’s mandatory in California that every vehicle operator maintain uninsured motorist insurance for their vehicle, including motorcycles. If the hit-and-run driver can’t be located, you can file a claim with your own insurance company. Your collision coverage should cover any damages to your vehicle and your uninsured motorist insurance can pay for your medical bills and lost wages.

What if Your Loved One Was Killed by a Motorcycle Accident?

You may be able to file a wrongful death claim against the driver who caused the accident. Wrongful death is one that occurs due to the recklessness, negligence or willful act of another person. Barry P. Goldberg, a motorcycle accident lawyer in Reseda, CA, may be able to help you file such a claim.

What Should You Do After a Motorcycle Accident? 

If it’s safe to do so, take a lot of pictures of the scene. You want to get photos of the damage to your motorcycle and the other vehicle, the surrounding area, including street signs, the other vehicle’s license plate, the other driver’s license, and the other driver’s insurance card. Seek medical care, even if you think your injuries are minor. Then call a motorcycle accident lawyer in Reseda, CA.

You Were Injured in a Motorcycle Accident, Without Wearing a Helmet. Can You Still Recover Damages From the Other Party?

California’s fault system is different from most other states; it’s much more complicated. Generally speaking, there will be a finding of fault, and if the other driver is found to be at fault, you may be able to recover damages. However, there’s also a law about negligence “per se,” that says if you were breaking the law when the accident happened, you’re automatically at fault. Wearing a helmet is required in California. So you may be found at fault for the accident. You’ll definitely want to consult with Barry P. Goldberg, a motorcycle accident lawyer in Reseda, CA, about your particular case.

When you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident, you may have a long road of recovery ahead. It can seem daunting to not know what to expect in the days shortly following the accident. When your future seems so uncertain, it can hinder your recovery. A lawyer at your side can make you feel reassured about how your case will be handled. They can be there with you at every step of your case and can keep you informed about its development. When you are trying to obtain your rightful compensation, you want to make sure that you have strong legal representation. For more information on what our motorcycle accident lawyer in Reseda, California can do for you, please give the office of Barry P. Goldberg a call now. 

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Reseda, CA

Being a motorcyclist carries a risk every time you are on the road and if you have the misfortune of getting into an accident then you may need a motorcycle accident lawyer in Reseda, CA. There is nothing protecting the rider from an accident like there is in a passenger car. Because of this motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic and the injuries sustained are often severe. 

Most Common Motorcycle Injuries 

The most common cause of motorcycle accidents tends to be related to speed. The faster you are going the more severe the injuries are going to be because your reaction time is normally not fast enough. Here are the most common types of motorcycle injuries: 

Traumatic Brain Injury 

Better known as a TBI, this type of injury is when the brain sustains some kind of trauma. Typically these injuries happen when the head hits some object with great force, when the head is shaken rapidly, or when the skull itself is punctured. 

A TBI is a type of injury that is considered one of the most severe as it is often going to alter how life is for the rider. Often the reason someone gets a TBI is that they weren’t wearing a helmet when the accident occurred. Riders with helmets can still get a TBI as the head can still violently shake, but the severity is often lower than those who aren’t wearing a helmet. 

When someone suffers from a TBI they can suffer not only physical changes but also cognitive ones. These damages are often going to have lifelong effects on the rider. 

Road Rash 

If you are a rider, then you likely know the term road rash. It is when the skin is dragged along the roadway and creates a type of burn. It is why many riders wear long pants and long sleeve shirts while on the road. If you are flung from your motorcycle and skid along the road before coming to a stop it is likely you are going to have some kind of road rash. 

While incredibly painful it isn’t often fatal. There are complications that can arise from road rash like if the road rash is so serious it requires a skin graft. In other cases, the road rash can leave permanent scarring. 

Fractures and Broken Bones 

It isn’t uncommon to find fractures or broken bones in a motorcycle accident. There is nothing protecting the rider from the force of the crash, or stopping the rider from being thrown from their motorcycle. When the body meets a force too great for the bones to handle then the bones break. These types of breaks are found all over the body but mostly the limbs are what is broken the most. Broken ribs are also common as there is often nothing covering the torso. 

If you are wearing the right protective clothing then in many cases the ankle is what is hurt the most. If you aren’t wearing the proper ankle-high boots then your ankle could easily get hit or twisted when riding a motorcycle. 

If you have been in an accident then it is time to look for a motorcycle accident lawyer in Reseda California and have more questions reach out to the office of Barry P. Goldberg today.