Uber Accident Lawyer Reseda, CA

As an Uber accident lawyer Reseda, CA relies on from Barry P. Goldberg, we understand that when you have been injured in an Uber accident you are likely seeking compensation. If you have been injured and you decided you were no going to file a personal injury claim, our question to you is: why? When someone else’s negligence (whether it was the Uber driver’s or another driver’s) caused an accident that directly led to your injuries, you should be seeking the maximum amount of compensation. When negligent drivers get away with causing damage on the road, they will continue to do so. Not only will fighting for compensation help you with medical bills or money needed for physical therapy, but it also shows the negligent driver that they cannot get away with this again. We believe this is incredibly important. To see how we can help you, please give our office a call now. 

What You do Depends on Who Caused the Accident

This is important because our car accident lawyer Reseda, CA residents trust knows that not every Uber accident case is cut and dry. There are usually two options in Uber accident cases:

  1. The Uber driver is responsible for the accident.
  2. Another driver is responsible for the accident. 

In the first scenario, your Uber lawyer knows that the lawsuit you bring forward should be directed at the Uber driver. When you do this, two things will be very important. First, you will want to know if they are only covered under their own auto insurance. When this is the case, their insurance will not cover accidents that occur while they drive for business purposes. If, however, they are covered under Uber’s insurance policy, then we can file a suit against Uber instead of the driver since that is where the insurance settlement may come from. 

In the second scenario, the Uber driver may not be responsible for the accident at all. When this is the case, you would file a claim like you normally would in a car accident. You should get the name and information of the person who caused the accident to occur and we will file a claim with their insurance like you would in any other accident. 

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When you have been injured in an Uber accident, do not hesitate any longer to call the trusted Reseda, California Uber accident lawyer from Barry P. Goldberg now.