Sex Discrimination Law Firm Woodland Hills, CA

sex discrimination lawyer Woodland Hills, CAA sex discrimination law firm Woodland Hills, CA offers like Barry P. Goldberg knows that sex discrimination in the work environment is a more common issue than many people realize. Supervisors may or may not even be aware they are committing sex discrimination. In other cases, coworkers may make intentional statements about a person’s gender that is both unfair and unlawful. Sex discrimination can result in lost productivity, hostile environments, and unequal wages between men and women. Here our sex discrimination lawyer Woodland Hills, CA relies on has listed the five most major signs that sex discrimination may be happening in your workplace. 

A Woodland Hills sex discrimination law firm understands that you may be afraid to bring an incident to light. We can help you handle this situation with strategy and sensitivity. 

#1 Gender Pay Inequality

It is estimated that women are paid twenty percent lower than male coworkers with the same position in the United States. Despite increasing awareness of this issue, it still happens frequently in the workplace. If you start to observe that you make less wage than male counterparts who have equal experience and job roles, your company could be committing gender pay bias. 

#2 Tone of Interview Questions

During an interview, do pay attention to which questions are being asked of you and if they seem to have a tone that references your gender. For example, if you are female and your interviewer asks questions about whether you plan to start a family or have a baby in the near future, that is simply inappropriate. Having a baby should not be viewed as affecting someone’s skills, experience, or talents. Our sex discrimination law firm in Woodland Hills, California knows that unfair interview questions include:


  • Do you plan on having children in the future?
  • Do you currently have any children at home? 
  • Do you anticipate needing pregnancy leave during your employment?


#3 Being Fired Due to Gender

If you or a coworker has been fired due to their gender, this is a violation at the federal level. If you were laid off due to your pregnancy, you should contact our Woodland Hills, CA sex discrimination law firm right away. We can help you decide what steps you can take next in holding your employer responsible for their discrimination.

#4 Sexual Harassment without Repercussions

If sexual harassment is happening in the workplace, gender bias may be as well. If you notice that your supervisors laugh alongside crude jokes, make sexual comments, or overlook inappropriate flirtation, they may be more likely to not enforce consequences for gender discrimination. 

#5 Gender Bias for Job Positions

During hiring or promotional practices within your company, you may be able to observe signs of sex discrimination and bias. If you notice that your supervisor frequently hires females for reception jobs and males for technical positions when you know that qualified opposite gendered people have applied, it could be a red flag. 

A sex discrimination attorney at Barry P. Goldberg can offer advice about your suspicions of gender bias or discrimination at your company. We have been committed to protecting the rights of workers and know just how often cases of sex discrimination occurs at organizations. You should be able to go into work every day feeling you are paid fairly and treated with unbiased respect. Contact our Woodland Hills, California sex discrimination law firm now.