Sex Discrimination Lawyer Simi Valley, CA

Sex Discrimination Lawyer Simi Valley, CA

If you believe you’re the victim of gender discrimination at work, you should get in touch with a sex discrimination lawyer in Simi Valley, CA. You don’t have to put up with this type of treatment forever. A lawyer can help you pursue a legal claim against your employer.

Signs of Sex Discrimination at Work

Even in this day and age, sex discrimination still exists in the workplace. However, the discrimination may not always be so obvious. Here are a few signs to look out for.

  • Male Employees’ Comments Get Taken More Seriously During Meetings: It can be very discouraging if male employees’ comments always get taken more seriously at meetings than female employees’ comments. For example, you may have spent a while finding a way to cut costs at your company and present your idea at a meeting, and no one seems that interested. A little while later, a male employee suggests a similar idea and everyone is all ears. This could be a sign of gender discrimination.
  • Your Employer Often Asks If You’re Having Kids: It is not appropriate to bring up the subject of having kids in the workplace. In fact, it could actually be a sign of gender discrimination. If you notice that your employer frequently asks you if you plan on having kids soon, he or she may worry that you won’t be as committed to your job if you do become pregnant.
  • Female Employees Get Disciplined More Harshly Than Male Employees: If you notice that female employees are usually disciplined more harshly than their male counterparts, there may be gender discrimination at your workplace. For instance, if you got written up for being a few minutes late to work while a male employee didn’t get disciplined for being late, you should contact a sex discrimination lawyer in Simi Valley, CA.
  • You Receive Regular Comments About Your Appearance: It’s one thing to make an occasional comment on your outfit, such as, “That is a nice dress.” However, if your boss or coworkers frequently make comments about your appearance, it may be another sign of sex discrimination.
  • Male Employees Always Receive Promotions Over Female Employees: If the female employees in your workplace never receive promotions, despite having the same qualifications as the male employees, discrimination may be taking place.

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3 Types of Sex Discrimination

Sex discrimination is not an easy concern to address in the office. Despite its frequency, many females hesitate to come forward and might even be intimidated by employers or pressured by colleagues to keep silent. Make a consultation with a sex discrimination lawyer like those at Barry P. Goldberg in Simi Valley, CA today.

Yet, all staff members have rights under both federal and state law indicated to address office sex discrimination. In this post, we’ll take a look at five types of sex discrimination you ought to know now in order to protect yourself, and your career, from prejudiced behavior.

Quid Pro Quo

Quid pro quo sexual harassment is a type of sex discrimination made well known by such iconic cases as Anita Hill v. Clarence Thomas and the recent $20 million settlement in Gretchen Carlsen’s case versus Fox News. It happens when a company conditions terms of work needing staff members to perform sexual favors.

Quid pro quo sex harassment can handle the form of a simple request for dating in exchange for a promo or get even more egregious, with requests for sexual acts in the workplace as a requirement for ongoing work.

It does not take an all out deal from a company for sex acts to certify as quid pro quo sex discrimination. Even if the company just hints that a promotion, pay increase or comparable benefit will be provided to an employee if he or she engages in a sexual act or submits to requests for sexual favors, this can be thought about quid pro quo unwanted sexual advances in a court of law.

Unwanted Sexual Advances & Hostile Environment

Quid pro quo sexual harassment is just one form of sex discrimination. Beyond that, sexual harassment is a broad category of sex discrimination including a number of illegal actions from a company. Schedule a consultation with a sex discrimination lawyerby calling Barry P. Goldberg in Simi Valley, CA today.

Courts take a look at sexual harassment claims based on the scenarios of each case. The normal analysis is based on whether or not the advances a worker has experienced are unwanted and extreme. To put it simply, simple teasing or undesirable chatter might not suffice to successfully litigate a case for sexual harassment. Courts consider whether the actions in question were enough to create a hostile environment– one that would make it unreasonably tough for a staff member to perform his/her job.

When a company’s behavior is both unwelcome and egregious, they can get an employer into trouble. A company is accountable for putting a stop to sexual harassment it understands, or fairly need to have understood, of and when an employer stops working to stop it, it could be held accountable for developing a hostile environment for staff members. Manager managers and others in positions of sufficient authority and control over a staff member can make the whole company vicariously liable for such acts.

Same Sex Discrimination

We frequently think of cases of sex discrimination including females staff members introducing accusations versus male managers or supervisors, however that is not constantly the case. A worker of any sex can experience sex discrimination, and this kind of discrimination can likewise occur between people of the exact same sex also.

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