Auto Accident Lawyer Simi Valley, CA

Auto Accident Lawyer Simi Valley, CA

If you suffered injuries in a car crash, you should consult an auto accident lawyer Simi Valley, CA from Barry P. Golberg. It is important that victims know their options in pursuing compensation for their losses. A lawyer from our law firm can help you file a lawsuit against the negligent party and protect your legal rights.

We urge you to reach out today if you were recently in a car accident where you sustained serious injury and financial loss, and are now interested in seeking restitution from the at-fault party for what you have been through. 

How to Handle a Call with an Insurance Adjuster After an Auto Accident

If you’ve been hurt in an auto accident, the negligent party’s insurance company may give you a call soon. It’s important to know what to say and what not to say. Here are some tips for dealing with a phone call from an insurance adjuster:

Stay Calm
It’s natural to feel a wide range of emotions after being involved in a car accident. However, you should keep your composure when communicating with an insurance adjuster. If you yell and make rude comments toward the adjuster, it may negatively impact your personal injury statement.


Provide as Little Personal Information as Possible

When you speak to an insurance adjuster, don’t provide a lot of personal information about yourself. You’re only required to provide your full name, address and phone number.

Avoid Giving Details About the Accident

During your phone call with an insurance adjuster, you can expect to be asked about how the car accident happened. Although the question might seem innocent enough, you should avoid answering it. They may twist the information you tell them and use it against you in court. Politely tell the insurance adjuster that you can’t discuss details about the accident without your auto accident lawyer in Simi Valley CA.

Don’t Be Tempted to Settle

It’s possible that the insurance adjuster may offer a settlement during your first conversation. When your medical bills are piling up, you may be tempted to accept the settlement. Don’t make this mistake. The first settlement offer likely isn’t enough to cover all the damages that resulted from the accident.

Take Notes About the Conversation

It’s a good idea to write down everything that the insurance adjuster said to you during the conversation. You should also jot down everything you said.

Don’t Give a Recorded Statement

If the insurance adjuster asks to record the conversation, politely decline. If you know you’re being recorded, you might get nervous and make an incomplete or inaccurate statement. It’s illegal for an adjuster to record the conversation without your permission.

Preserving Evidence at the Scene

When presenting a successful lawsuit or claim after a car accident, evidence will be a crucial influencing factor. If you have been hurt in a car crash, making sure you get medical attention for injuries is paramount. However, if your injuries aren’t severe then it can help to gather evidence at the scene, such as:

  • Pictures of car damage and surrounding area including debris, skid marks, property damage, guardrails, road defects, and anything else that could be relevant to the collision.
  • Photographs of your visible injuries. 
  • Gathering information from other drivers, witnesses, and passengers.
  • Video recordings of the entire crash scene. 

Other information that should be obtained as evidence are listed as follows:

  • Records for maintenance of your vehicle. This documentation can be helpful especially if you are trying to prove that a faulty product contributed to the car accident happening. 
  • Copy of the police report. The police report will be needed when filing your insurance claim. Be sure to ask the officer who took the report about where and how you go about getting a copy as soon as possible. 
  • Work absence records. You may seek reimbursement for loss of wages if you missed work due to injuries from the accident. 

Signs You Have a Good Auto Accident Lawyer

Being in an auto accident is stressful enough. Naturally, you want to know that you’ve chosen the right auto accident lawyer in Simi Valley CA. When you’re choosing which attorney you want to help you, consider the following signs that the person you’re working with is a good lawyer.

The Lawyer Has Good Reviews

Any good lawyer is going to have good reviews and references to back it up. Do a quick Google search for the attorney you’re interested in hiring and look at the information that comes up. Google, Yelp!, or other reviews websites should have a high star rating and plenty of written reviews. Beware of too many good reviews that seem to look exactly the same, though, as they could be paid. In addition, search their names on websites for legal institutions or ethics in law to ensure they have never been in trouble before.

The Lawyer Has Experience With Car Accident Cases

Naturally, if you’re dealing with a car accident case, you want an auto accident lawyer in Simi Valley CA who already has experience with the same types of cases. While there is not necessarily anything wrong with hiring someone who isn’t experienced with this type of case, you are more likely to get the results you want if you work with someone who already understands all the legal nuances that surround car accident cases and who knows how to bite back when insurance companies use tactics that try to make it look like you were the one in the wrong. Hiring someone with experience is important, especially if the case is a complicated one.

The Lawyer Makes You Feel Heard

A good lawyer knows when to speak up and knows when to be quiet and let you do the talking. Your auto accident lawyer in Simi Valley CA, should be a careful listener who asked clarifying questions and doesn’t try to get you to change your story. An attorney who listens attentively to you is more likely to be able to find the right evidence to support you in your case. One who rushes can miss out on the little details that could make or break your case. Furthermore, when your attorney listens to you and shows that he or she values your time by being punctual and professional, you are more likely to have a good outcome in your case. 

The Lawyer Explains Things Well

While you want a lawyer who will hear you, you also want one who knows how to speak well. You probably aren’t as knowledgeable as your attorney about the court process, what to expect from the case, and what everything means. A good lawyer will take the time to sit down with you, explain what is going on, ensure you submit all paperwork on time, and walk you through what to expect during your court case. Your lawyer should answer your questions honestly and thoroughly as well.

Above all else, you want an auto accident lawyer in Simi Valley CA who is licensed and who has a solid reputation among his or her peers. Don’t be afraid to research several attorneys before finding the right match for your needs. 

4 Questions To Ask Your Lawyer

When you’ve scheduled your consultation with a Barry P. Goldberg auto accident lawyer in Simi Valley CA, it’s a good idea to come prepared with the questions you’d like to ask. Here are four questions to ask your lawyer at your consultation.

1. How Do You Plan To Help Me?

This first question is simple and effective, especially if you’ve never consulted with an auto accident lawyer in Simi Valley CA. It gives your representative the chance to explain their role, the role of other practitioners, and how legal cases of this kind typically unfold.

If your lawyer uses legal terms or concepts that you’re not familiar with, take the opportunity to ask for definitions. Along these lines, it’s a good idea to take notes during your consultation so that you can ask questions or request clarifications once your lawyer finishes laying out the plan.

2. What Is the Timeline for My Case?

Most lawsuits run from a few weeks to more than a year to resolve. While your lawyer may not be able to give you an exact start and end date, a ballpark idea allows you to prepare for any impact on your professional or personal life. For example, you may need to request time away from your workplace to organize paperwork or attend legal meetings. While most cases tend to settle out of court, you will need to prepare for time off work if your case goes to trial.

3. What Paperwork or Information Will I Need To Submit?

Your lawyer will instruct you on the type of paperwork or information you might be required to provide, ranging from witnesses to photograph or video materials. Knowing sooner rather than later what you need to gather lets you get a headstart on the process. Don’t forget to ask your lawyer how to provide this information, from hard copies to digital files on thumb drives.

4. What Else Should I Know or Do?

This fourth question is a fitting last question for legal and many other types of professional consultations. It gives you and your Barry P. Goldberg lawyer a chance to review your conversation and return to any unfinished or undiscussed items. It’s also a good time to query your representative on the frequency and mode of your communication throughout your case. Knowing how you two and any company associates will work together can give you more confidence in the process.

4 Questions To Ask Your Lawyer

Who can serve best as witnesses?

As your auto accident lawyer Simi Valley CA victims trust from Barry P. Goldberg can discuss with you, there are many potential witnesses that you can use for your case. As your lawyer may ask, were there any passengers in the vehicle with you when the accident happened? Were there any bystanders who rushed over to help? Was there anyone else around who had seen the accident happen, or the aftermath of it? These are examples of people who can be used as witnesses for your case. Depending on where the accident happened, you may or may not have many witnesses present.

How will I know if a witness will benefit my case?

What your Simi Valley auto accident lawyer can do is contact witnesses after the accident, just to be sure that their statement doesn’t actually work against your case. While witnesses sure are helpful, if what they say does not support your side of the story, then they may have the opposite effect. Your lawyer can ask certain questions just to see with the person saw, and whether they are a good candidate to be a witness.

Do I need to get a witness statement at the scene?

You don’t have to worry about getting a full statement from a witness at the scene of the accident. The situation may be too chaotic to do so, so just gather the witness’s name and contact information if they’re willing to share this with you. Don’t be dismayed if some witnesses don’t want to become involved in your claim, as some people are standoffish when it comes to being a part of legal disputes. There are other ways to show that you were not at fault for the accident aside from just witness testimony.

What else can be useful evidence?

In addition to witnesses, useful evidence can be things like photographs and video of the scene, the clothing and shoes you were wearing, confiscated debri or car parts in the road, street camera footage, and the type of and extent of your injuries, among others. Don’t be too worried if you don’t have all of this kind of evidence, as that is something your lawyer can help you gather. Depending on the factors of the accident, certain evidence may have more weight and support your side of the story than others.

What if I wasn’t able to speak with witnesses?

If your injuries were so severe that you were not able to take photographs of the scene and obtain the driver’s information, then there are other ways to support your side of the story as the victim. If there were passengers in the vehicle with you, they can attest to what you went through. As our Simi Valley lawyer auto accident team would suggest, if you were too seriously injured to even think about witnesses or gathering scene evidence, then you can use other elements of proof for your case, such as medical documentation, expert testimony, police reports, and more.

Auto Accident Case Law

In the realm of auto accidents, the role of legal representation is pivotal in securing justice and fair compensation for those affected. Simi Valley, CA, is no exception to this, with a history of notable cases that have shaped the landscape of auto accident law. Experienced Simi Valley auto accident lawyers are well-versed in drawing insights from key precedents to effectively advocate for their clients. This article delves into three pivotal cases – Barker v. Caltrans, Espinoza v. Steed, and Brown v. Uber – that have contributed to the jurisprudence of auto accident law in Simi Valley and beyond.

Barker v. Caltrans stands as a seminal case in the region’s legal history, underscoring the responsibility of governmental entities in ensuring safe road conditions. The case revolved around an auto accident caused by a hazardous road condition. The court’s decision highlighted the duty of Caltrans, the state’s transportation agency, to maintain roadways free from hazards that could pose a threat to motorists. Simi Valley auto accident lawyers frequently cite Barker v. Caltrans as a reference when advocating for clients injured due to poorly maintained roads or inadequate signage. This case reflects the principle that public entities must uphold their duty to ensure safe road conditions for all users.

Espinoza v. Steed further expanded the contours of auto accident liability by delving into the realm of rideshare services. In this case, the plaintiff suffered injuries during an accident involving an Uber vehicle. The court grappled with the question of whether the driver’s status as an independent contractor absolved Uber from liability. Simi Valley auto accident lawyers often reference this case when handling disputes involving rideshare accidents, as it underscores the nuanced nature of liability within the gig economy. The case established that rideshare companies can be held accountable for accidents caused by their drivers while they are actively engaged in providing services on their platforms.

Brown v. Uber stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of auto accident law in the digital age. This case centered around an accident involving a self-driving Uber vehicle, raising intricate questions about liability when technology assumes control. The court’s ruling emphasized that while autonomous technology introduces new complexities, ultimate responsibility still rests with the entities deploying such systems. Simi Valley auto accident lawyers utilize this precedent to address emerging issues related to autonomous vehicles, stressing the importance of holding tech companies accountable for accidents involving their innovations.

In sum, Simi Valley auto accident lawyers draw from a rich tapestry of case law to craft compelling arguments for their clients. Barker v. Caltrans underscores the government’s obligation to ensure road safety, while Espinoza v. Steed navigates the intricacies of rideshare liability. Brown v. Uber offers insights into the evolving landscape of autonomous technology. Through these cases, Simi Valley’s legal professionals empower accident victims with the knowledge and precedent-backed strategies necessary to navigate the complexities of auto accident litigation. As the field continues to evolve, these cases remain integral to shaping the course of justice and securing rightful compensation for those affected by auto accidents.

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