Accident Resource Center

Barry P. Goldberg wants to remove some of the mystery behind handling a standard auto accident case and be completely transparent on how his firm approaches most auto accident cases.  It is our goal for a consumer to use this reference to handle his or her own case if they so chose.  On the more difficult cases, this reference may help demonstrate why an experienced attorney is necessary.

Click on the interactive areas below to see how a typical auto accident case is analyzed and handled.

Client Review

“Barry Goldberg is a Rockstar. I was referred to him when I was in an accident that was not my fault, and I had a serious injury. Little did I know that it would be a 3-year process in getting the other party’s insurance to compensate me. My case ended up having many complexities, but Barry navigated them perfectly, and I trusted him throughout the entire process….and wow, is it a process. Don’t try to do this alone, insurance companies are ruthless. Barry settled my case, and got me the compensation I deserved. My accident is a horrible memory, but I’m now able to put it behind me, thanks to Barry.”
Client Review