Rear End Accident Lawyer Simi Valley CA 


Rear End Accident Lawyer Simi Valley CA 

We’ve all been there at least once, it’s our morning commute to work and as we wait at the stoplight we see a car in our rearview mirror careening towards us. We grip the steering wheel, waiting for impact, only to let out a sigh of relief as the car barely manages to stop without crashing into the back of our car. You drive off a little shaken, but relieved nonetheless that the worst didn’t happen. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, if you find yourself involved in a vehicle collision you need a rear end accident lawyer in Simi Valley California who will work hard to make sure you’re covered, you need Barry P. Goldberg.  

Rear end accidents happen to drivers every day, and they can cause serious injuries and damage that can be costly. The consequences of a rear end accident are often major, and many accident victims are left with many expenses depending on the severity of the injury. For many victims of rear end accidents, they don’t know what has happened until after they have been hit. Unlike a car accident where the victim is facing an oncoming car, in a rear end accident the victim does not have much time to get out of the vehicle’s path.  

Rear End Accident – Who’s at Fault? 

The above scenario seems to be pretty cut and dry as to who would be at fault. However, most rear end accidents aren’t as straightforward. There are several contributing factors that come into play when figuring out who should be liable for an accident of this nature. Investigators will review the circumstance that led to the accident. Was the driver acting negligently? Were they paying attention to their surroundings? Were road conditions poor? These are all questions that will be explored. In some cases, there are even more complexities involved, such as rear end accidents caused by chain reactions. This is why it’s important not to jump to conclusions when determining who is at fault in an accident.

How Are Rear End Accidents Caused?

When a driver is being reckless, not observing their surroundings or is not paying attention to how they are operating their vehicle, they can cause a rear end accident. It only takes a moment of inattention or poor judgment to trigger an accident. Sometimes drivers do not take into account the space they should be leaving between their vehicle and the vehicle in front of them. Some of the common causes of rear end accidents are described below:

  • Speeding
  • Inclement weather
  • Distracted driving
  • Aggressive driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Weaving in traffic
  • Defensive braking; ie stopping abruptly to avoid debris
  • Failing to observe traffic patterns
  • Tailgating

Hiring a practiced attorney who has experience in accidents of this nature will not only help alleviate some of the stress you face but will offer you the guidance and counsel you need. If you have been involved in a vehicle incident as noted above, you should consider a rear end accident lawyer Simi Valley, CA residents rely on. 

Are you Injured? 

When it comes to vehicle collisions, there’s a good chance some parties involved may sustain injuries. A rear end accident often results in serious injuries that can take weeks to recover from. Not only can this add to the stress of being in an auto accident, but it can result in medical bills, time missed from work and/or school, or even worse, long term side-effects to your health. Injuries sustained from accidents are usually just the start of many accident victims’ problems. Some of the most common injuries associated with rear end accidents are:

  • Neck Injuries/Whiplash
  • Back & Spinal Injuries
  • Hand and Wrist Injuries
  • Brain Injuries
  • Broken Bones
  • Bruises
  • Fractures
  • Internal bleeding

In accident cases where you have a few seconds of notice and can see the vehicle headed in your way, your body may have a physical reaction just before the moment of collision. This helps to protect your body from suffering worse injuries. However, in rear end accidents, victims don’t have this advance notice so their bodies are more vulnerable to bodily injury. A person’s body is violently jerked in a back and forth motion. They experience the full force of the impact, which can lead to more serious injuries. It can mean the difference between minor injuries to severe or even fatal ones. 

Any of the above injuries can negatively impact your quality of life and your ability to get back to your regular routine after an accident. The recovery period can take weeks or even months, which can affect how accident victims can maintain their financial stability. They may not be able to return to work right away until they are fully recovered. Even once they can get back to work, the tasks they can do might be limited. Understanding the impact of your injuries and what they mean for your future is not always clear and can prompt a lot of questions. That is why no matter how cut and dry your case may seem, it’s always best to have a lawyer on your side who will work to ensure your health is a priority.

What About My Car?  

Aside from our health and safety, one of the other concerns after being involved in a rear end accident is the drivability of the vehicle involved. Car repairs can be expensive and might mean being without a reliable vehicle while your car is being fixed. An even worse scenario is if your car is beyond repair, finding a new vehicle you can afford and in a timely manner can be a stressful and frustrating ordeal. If your car is totaled as a result of the accident and you do not have insurance or lack sufficient coverage, you may have to scramble to cover all of your sudden expenses. Struggling to find solutions for your financial situation can add further stress which can impede your mental and physical recovery.

Our vehicles have become a necessary part of our lives, they get us to and from work, important events, appointments and school. That’s why when you are involved in a vehicle collision, you need a rear end accident lawyer in Simi Valley California who understands the importance of getting you back on the road. Barry P. Goldberg is an Accident Attorney who has the experience and candor you need on your side. 

Rear End Accident Lawyer Simi Valley CA

No one is prepared to get rear ended but if it has happened to you then it may be time to talk to a rear end accident lawyer in Simi Valley, CA. Car accidents, no matter what position it happens in, can have a great impact on your life. So many things can start to pile up that it feels like you are just barely keeping your head above water. 

If you are thinking about if you need a lawyer or not then the short answer is pretty simple. If you are asking yourself if you need one then it is time to talk to a lawyer about what happened. 

The Most Common Ways Lawyers Assist With Car Accident Claims 

Many people don’t think they need a lawyer even after a serious accident. They believe that the insurance company will get them the compensation they need quickly and easily. Sadly, it just isn’t that simple. Here are the most common ways a lawyer can help you with your claim: 


  • Provide a free evaluation: Most lawyers are going to have a free constitution as we know that finding the right lawyer is important. You are also most likely dealing with high medical expenses and are likely unable to work. Why pay for something that may not work out? A consultation will allow the lawyer to review your case and advice you of your options. And if you don’t need a lawyer they will tell you. 
  • Investigate your crash: It is no easy task to start investigating the cause of an accidnet. This step is critical in putting together your claim and a lawyer has the skills to do so. 
  • Identify all potential sources of compensation: There may be more than one party to blame after an accident. In the case of a commercial truck, it could be the driver, the company, and the truck manufacturer that could be to blame and you could get compensation from all three. A lawyer is going to help you figure out everything that you could have missed. 
  • Document your damages: Keeping track of everything is difficult, especially if you are hurt. Your lawyer will gather documents that list out the repairs to your vehicle, your medical expenses, your lost income, and everything that is needed to make sure your claim is filled. 
  • Consult with experts: While a lawyer is someone with a vast number of skills they also know they don’t know everything. They will consult with medical experts to give their opinion on your injury, mental health experts to learn anything about mental anguish, highway safety who can testify about road conditions, and anything else that is needed to make sure your case is solid. 
  • Manage settlement negotiations: A lawyer is going to help make sure that you are getting the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies are often going to try and offer a low settlement in hopes the victims are happy. A lawyer is there to make sure that the settlement is fair to you. 


If you are looking for a rear end accident lawyer in Simi Valley, CA then talk to one of the lawyers at Barry P. Goldberg for more information.