Car Accident Lawyer Woodland Hills, CA

Car Accident Lawyer Woodland Hills, CA


Does it Make Sense to Hire Legal Representation Following a Minor Car Accident?

The term “fender bender” is often used to describe minor car accidents, even if the car’s fender remains unaffected by a collision. When this term is tossed about in conversation, it is generally treated as a casual subject. But the truth of the matter is that not all seemingly minor car accidents are actually insignificant. Our car accident lawyer in Woodland Hills, CA from Barry P. Goldberg has seen this many times. This is one reason why we offer accident victims of any type of car accident a free initial consultation with our car accident lawyer. It’s an opportunity to discuss your case and learn more about your legal options, especially if you sustained an injury that turns out to be serious.

Common Injuries in Minor Car Accidents

Sometimes, a motorist or a passenger involved in a car accident who seemed fine at the scene may later develop severe medical symptoms like concussions, soft tissue damage, potentially life threatening infections from cuts or internal bleeding. Our car accident lawyer in Woodland Hills, CA from Barry P. Goldberg is aware of many victims who should have sought immediate medical attention after a “minor” accident but did not.

Because seemingly insignificant accidents may result in significant long-term consequences, it may be a good idea to contact our car accident lawyer in Woodland Hills, CA in the wake of a fender bender. While consulting with our firm will likely not take you much time or energy, failure to seek adequate legal counsel in the wake of your accident may cost you in significant ways down the road.  


Claims and Damages

Far too often, individuals who are involved in minor accidents are shocked when they receive legal paperwork related to the collision sent by an attorney retained by another individual who was involved. One of the reasons for hiring a car accident lawyer in Woodland Hills, CA following an accident is that if the liable party pursues legal action against you, you already have a legal advocate.

Similarly, individuals involved in minor accidents are often understandably frustrated when either their auto insurance or medical insurance provider rejects an injury claim from the collision. A car accident lawyer in Woodland Hills, CA from our firm may be able to assist you by negotiating a settlement on your behalf.

Finally, if it turns out that the car accident was not truly minor because you or a loved one ended up suffering related medical challenges that were not initially detectable, our car accident lawyer in Woodland Hills, CA can help you file a personal injury suit if that course of action is appropriate and the healthiest option for you and your family.


Legal Help Is Available

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motor vehicle collision, consider contacting Barry P. Goldberg. Sometimes even the most seemingly minor accidents cause significant injuries to those involved.


A Car Accident Lawyer Woodland Hills, CA Victims Recommend Can Help You


If you have been injured in a car accident, you are likely overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. Many car accident victims have to deal with the pain and treatment of their injuries as well as the stress of paying for medical care and vehicle repairs from the collision. They don’t know how they will pay the medical bills. If their injury prevents them from working, they may not even have an income.


Barry P. Goldberg is a Woodland Hills, CAr accident lawyer who may be able to help you.

California state law allows an accident victim to pursue a personal injury claim or a lawsuit against the driver who caused the accident that resulted in their injuries. The legal team at Barry P. Goldberg has helped accident victims get the compensation to which they may be entitled for all of their losses.


What is the Car Accident Claim Process?

Many victims are unsure of how they should initiate an accident claim when they have been injured. Although every case is different, the following is an overview. As an experienced Woodland Hills, CAr accident lawyer, Barry P. Goldberg can guide you through the entire process.

  1. The victim meets with a Woodland Hills, CAr accident lawyer for a free case evaluation. This appointment is completely confidential no matter what the victim decides to do.
  2. Once the victim has retained the services of a Woodland Hills, CAr accident lawyer, the attorney will contact both the victim’s insurance company and the at-fault driver’s insurance company by letter. The letter will detail the client’s accident losses and a statement to the effect that the other driver is responsible for paying those costs.
  3. The victim continues to obtain medical treatment for their injuries. They need to make sure they keep all appointments and follow all instructions by doctors, therapists, and any other specialists. The victim should focus on their injuries and recovery and the Woodland Hills, CAr accident lawyer will focus on their injury case.
  4. The Woodland Hills, CAr accident lawyer will request all of the victim’s medical records, records of lost wages, and records of any other financial losses the victim has suffered.
  5. The attorney will prepare all of these financial documents and send to the at-fault driver’s auto insurance company. These documents will verify the quantifiable financial losses the victim has suffered. The attorney will also determine the other losses the victim has sustained that do not have quantifiable losses – such as pain and suffering and emotional anguish – and will use a formula to calculate how much those losses are worth.
  6. The Woodland Hills, CAr accident lawyer will then begin the negotiation process with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Once an offer is made that is acceptable, the two parties will proceed with the victim’s settlement. If the attorney and insurance company cannot agree on an amount, or if the insurance company is not negotiating in good faith, the attorney will then take the accident case to court for litigation.


Facts for Dealing with Insurance After a Car Accident in California

An experienced car accident lawyer in Woodland Hills, CA, like Barry P. Goldberg, knows that, while most of us learn about the rules of the road and the chances of being in a car accident at a young age, we don’t actually anticipate that occurring. For some, they may feel as though they are invincible, like nothing bad will ever happen to them. Others may practice safe driving habits as a way to ward off being part of a vehicle collision. Unfortunately, even those who drive safely may get hit by a car anyways, because another driver was being reckless on the road.


After a car accident, the victim driver is likely going to contact their insurance company to report what happened. In the days and weeks to follow, he or she may receive plenty of calls from representatives of insurance-related companies that want to know more about the accident. You may be thinking about contacting a car accident lawyer for Woodland Hills, CA. Here, the office of Barry P. Goldberg has answered a series of questions about how to protect yourself when communicating with these agencies:


Q: Should I notify my car insurance agency right away?

A: Yes, it is highly encouraged that any driver involved in a vehicle accident, contacts his or her car insurance agency that same day. Of course, if you are hospitalized then you will probably not be able to make this call. If that is the case, you can contact your insurer at a later time once your health is stable, to let them know what has unfolded. If your insurance provider is being especially pushy, it may benefit you to wait and speak with a Woodland Hills, CA car accident lawyer first, in order to protect your rights.


Q: What if my insurer wants a statement about what happened?

A: When filing a claim with your insurance, you will have to provide information about the accident. But, do not admit or state blame, and just stick to facts. And remember, you do not have to provide more information other than what is necessary. Your insurance company is there to protect you, but they must also protect the company from losing money.  On the other hand, if you work with a car accident lawyer whose job it is to fight for victims in Woodland Hills, CA, you may be better protected against corporate greed.


Q: What if I get a call from an insurance adjuster? Is that the same as my insurer?

A: An insurance adjuster is not the same as your car insurance company. What an insurance adjuster does is investigates claims, to evaluate the extent of the insuring company’s liability. So, if you get a call from an adjuster, they might be hoping you say something that enables them to deny your claim or at least minimize your injuries. The representative may ask you questions about how you are feeling after the car accident, which could be viewed as just a genuine inquiry and greeting. However, this could be part of the investigation process.


Q: Should I hire an attorney?

A:Victims of car accidents may suffer both physical and financial damages. The costs for medical care and vehicle repairs can add up quickly. Many victim drivers may consider filing a lawsuit against the driver at-fault for compensation. It can be helpful to hire an attorney like Barry P. Goldberg, in order to receive the guidance you need to have a successful lawsuit. Also, a car accident lawyer serving Woodland Hills, CA can help protect you against insurance adjusters and fight for the compensation you require in order to get better.


Barry P. Goldberg: A Car Accident Lawyer Woodland Hills, CA Drivers Appreciate

If you have been injured in a car accident and need to retain the services of a car accident lawyer Woodland Hills, CA offers, contact Barry P. Goldberg for a free case evaluation and to find out how much your case may be worth.