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Auto Accident Lawyer Canoga Park CA

Every day, millions of people drive their vehicles for various reasons. Cars are used for traveling to work, go on vacation, run errands, go shopping, and more. Unfortunately, not all motorists drive safely when behind the wheel. If you are suffering from injuries due to the fault of a reckless driver, an auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park CA from Barry P. Goldberg can offer critical legal guidance. Our legal team understands the emotional, financial and physical damages you may be suffering as a result of the accident. We can help you take the necessary steps to seek financial retribution from the at-fault driver.

Types of Wrecks

Car accidents can happen in so many ways. As an an auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park CA, Barry P. Goldberg is familiar with the full range of car accident repercussions. Some collisions are minor with no injuries, while others may result in fatalities. The most common types of car wrecks include the following:

  • Head-On Impact. Most likely to result in deaths, victims commonly face severe brain injuries, facial disfigurement, spinal cord damage and crushed extremities.
  • Rear-End Collision. A crash from behind can cause whiplash, a broken nose, additional injuries to the face, and back injuries.
  • Side Smash. When passengers and the driver are impacted from the side of their vehicle, injuries can be life-threatening, including brain bleeding/swelling, organ damage, and fractures.
  • Rollover Crash. If a car rolls over onto its side, upside down, or spins, those inside the car can suffer from broken/smashed extremities, neck and spinal cord damage, brain trauma, and physical disfigurement.

Essential Steps To Take After a Car Accident

As much as you don’t want to think about the possibilities, you may be involved in a car accident at some point in your life. Even if you drive safely and follow traffic laws, you can’t control what other drivers are doing on the road. If you do find yourself in one of these incidents, it’s important to act wisely and take the right steps. Following best practices will help ensure you get the physical and financial help you need to recover. If you don’t understand these steps, or perhaps were unable to take them because of the extent of your injuries, call an auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park, CA. 

Call the Police

Some people may not want to hassle with calling the authorities following an accident, especially if it’s a minor collision and there doesn’t appear to be significant injuries. Still, you should always alert the police after an accident so you can file a report. If the accident isn’t your fault, this report can verify that information and protect you from a lawsuit. If you do decide to file a claim, you will need to show this report to the insurance company and your auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park, CA. 

Exchange Information

Never leave the scene of an accident. Stay put and make sure everyone involved is all right. Stay calm when you approach the other driver and ask for his or her insurance and contact information. You will need to get in touch with the other party’s insurance company. As an auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park, CA might explain, if anyone leaves the scene before help arrives, it may be a hit and run, and could carry criminal penalties in addition to civil consequences. 

File a Claim

If there is any to your vehicle or if there are injuries, you’ll want to file an accident claim. Your insurance policy should cover repair costs after you pay your deductible. The coverage should also pay for medical bills you incur to care for injuries. The faster you file a claim, the more smoothly the process should go. Be sure to call an auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park, CA before you accept a settlement or make a statement. 

Talk to the Other Driver’s Insurance Provider

If the accident wasn’t your fault, call the other party’s insurance company after you file a claim with yours. The other policy should pay for medical treatments that exceed your policy’s limits. Make sure you give detailed information about the accident to the insurance agent, including who was injured and the extent of those injuries.

Speak With a Car Accident Lawyer 

In serious accidents where you suffered severe injuries, you should consult an experienced auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park, CA, and one that specializes in car accidents. Your lawyer  knows how to put pressure on the insurance company’s to honor their policies and pay you what you deserve. He or she will also advise you whether you should file a lawsuit against the other party. Suffering a car accident can be stressful and taxing on your body, emotions and bank account. If you take this approach and go through the right channels, you can have the peace of mind you want.

Physical Injuries Explained

The range of physical injuries to driver and passengers can be endless. In minor crashes, victims may have only mild scrapes and bruises. In more serious collisions, victims may face life-changing injuries and conditions that require emergency care. The more serious the injury, the more costly to treat it, and the more necessary it may be to hire a skilled auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park CA like Barry P. Goldberg. Here we have categorized the most common physical injuries and the symptoms associated with them.

Traumatic Brain Injury: concussion, brain bleeding and swelling, confusion, disorientation, loss of memory or senses.

Neck/Back Injuries: herniated discs, neck sprain, whiplash, dislocated shoulder, object impalement, and lacerations.

Spinal Cord Damage: the spine and nearby nerves can become damaged, resulting in loss of motor skills or sensations.

Skin Burns: if the vehicle caught on fire or hazardous chemicals leaked, a victim can suffer from physical burns and scarring.

Fear and Trauma: a victim can sustain mental and emotional injuries including anxiety, depression, or newly formed avoidances associated with driving.

Obtain Compensation with the Help of an Attorney

Many people choose to contact an attorney after a serious car accident in which there are substantial financial and physical losses. To protect your rights, it may be necessary to have a legal professional by your side.

Rear-End Car Accident

Many people who get into car accidents tend to assume that finding liability is relatively simple. There is one person who hit another person and the person who caused the accident should compensate the victim. However, the answer to who is liable in a car accident is not always quite so simple. Even in the case of a rear-end collision accident the person who is responsible may not be so obvious. If you were recently involved in a car accident and are recovering from a personal injury, the attorneys at Barry P. Goldberg, PLC are here to help you find who the liable party is by gathering evidence and building a strong case. When this happens, we can work to get you the compensation you deserve so that you can pay for your medical bills and any other damages you may be experiencing because of this accident. If the accident was a rear-end collision, it may not always be clear who is at-fault, so working with one of our trusted attorneys can help you set the facts straight. Call our office now.

Is it always obvious who is at fault in a rear-end accident?

The short answer is no, though typically the driver who rear-ends the other vehicle is the one who will most likely be found at fault for the car accident in question. Some of the scenarios where the person driving the car in front may be responsible in a rear-end collision are:

  • If the car in front reversed out of nowhere.
  • If the person driving the car in front decides to “break-check.” When this happens, the car in front slams on their brakes for no valid reason when the car behind them is tailing them.
  • If the car in front has broken equipment—like a brake light—that can cause the rear driver to not see the car slowing down and coming to a stop.

How do I get compensation?

When the facts of your rear-end collision are straightforward, we can work with you to gather evidence from the scene of the accident, like pictures, witness statements, and a police report to determine who is liable for the accident. If the person who rear-ended you is responsible, we will submit a claim to the other driver’s insurance to get the compensation you deserve for any injuries and for property damage. While the compensation you receive for the damage to your vehicle is typically objective, it can be much harder to determine compensation regarding injuries and things like pain and suffering.

Common Injuries

Some of the most common injuries after a rear-end collision are soft tissue injuries like whiplash. Whiplash is a neck injury that results from your car stopping suddenly while your neck and head continue to move in a back and forth or side to side motion. When you are injured, one of the most important things you can do immediately following the accident is to seek medical attention to record your injuries and begin a treatment plan.

If you were recently rear-ended and would like to get compensation for your injuries and personal property damage, reach out to one of our attorneys at Barry P. Goldberg, PLC to see how we can help you with your case.

Talk to an Auto Accident Lawyer Canoga Park CA Drivers Turn to for Help

Please reach out to our firm immediately, as you may only have a certain amount of time to file a lawsuit if you so decide. Call our office to schedule a free consultation. An auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park, CA like Barry P. Goldberg can review your case in detail and help you decide if legal action is the right choice for you.