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There are several circumstances that can cause a car accident. Even if you are a diligent and careful driver, not everyone on the road may be paying close attention. Accidents will always happen no matter how much you try to prepare and avoid something from going wrong. When an accident does occur you want to be prepared for the next step. At Barry P. Goldberg, A Professional Law Corporation, we can help you receive proper compensation, medical coverage, and personal damage reimbursement for a car accident you have been involved in.

There are several different causes of car accidents and we have worked with them all. Below is a list of the most common reasons for car accidents drivers experience that our car accident law firm has handled.

Distracted Driving

Drivers that divert their attention from the road are the top cause of car accidents in the U.S. today. Our experienced car accident attorneys from Barry P. Goldberg, A Professional Law Corporation have helped handle cases that were caused by a driver’s discretion or negligence. Common distractions that drivers experience may include:

  •       Texting while driving
  •       Talking on their cell phone
  •       Trying to grab a moving object inside the car while driving
  •       Being distracted by an object or event outside the vehicle
  •       Reading a book
  •       Eating food
  •       Applying makeup

Events can happen very quickly while driving and your full attention needs to be given to the road. When a driver becomes negligent and removes their focus from the road they are risking other people’s lives on the road. If you have been injured because another driver failed to keep their awareness on the road, then consider contacting our Woodland Hills, CA car accident law firm today for a free consultation.


It is not uncommon to see drivers ignore the speed limit, sometimes people will drive 10, 20, or even 30 mph over the limit. This can be very dangerous and lead to serious car accidents. When driving at high speeds your reaction time becomes slower and you are not as likely to prevent an accident from occurring. A good technique to practice safe driving speed is utilizing the three-second rule – this involves keeping three seconds between you and the vehicle in front of you. This allows for reaction time if something were to occur.

Drunk Driving

Sadly, each year, thousands of injuries and deaths occur because of drunk driving. When drinking, your ability to function properly is hindered and can lead to dangerous results when operating a vehicle. All 50 states have a legal limit for a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of .08 or higher to be considered a DUI. If your BAC level measures .08 or higher, physical effects of intoxication begin to appear. At this level, reasoning, peripheral vision, distance viewing, reflexes, and glare become significant impairments to the driver and an accident is much more likely to occur.

Get The Right Help

Accidents will always occur and when the unfortunate happens, you should consider contacting Barry P. Goldberg, A Professional Law Corporation, a car accident law firm Woodland Hills, CA clients recommend. Since 1984, we have been dedicated to helping those that have been injured in a car accident by receiving the compensation they deserve.

Questions Accident Victims Face When a Drunk Driver is Responsible

Drunk driving happens far too often. Unfortunately, with drunk drivers on the road, there is an especially significant risk to others. When a person gets behind the wheel and is intoxicated, the chances of an accident occurring increase significantly. Injuries that could result from a car accident cannot only be incredibly serious; they may impact your life for some time to come. Many accident victims, amidst their injury recovery, face many questions. For a straight answer regarding how to manage your specific case and for assistance in taking the legal action that may be required, contact an experienced Woodland Hills, California car accident law firm today. 

Are drunk drivers less likely to sustain injuries in a car accident? 

Yes, in some cases, drunk drivers may be less likely to sustain injuries that are life-threatening. In studies conducted by the University of Chicago, it was found that people with a higher blood alcohol content (BAC) have a higher chance of living following an accident. Researchers found that in most accidents that result in a traumatic injury, the risk of those injuries being life-threatening for the drunk driver is far less than for a sober driver or passenger. What does that mean practically? It means that when drunk driving accidents occur, passengers and other motorists are more likely to sustain injury than the individuals who caused the accidents in question. If you have been harmed by a drunk driver, consider speaking with a Woodland Hills, CA car accident law firm about your options. You should not be forced to suffer unnecessarily as a result of someone else’s poor choices.

Are there times when drunk drivers are more likely to be on the road?

There are certain times of the day, and holidays throughout the year when there may be more drunk drivers on the road than usual. Here are some times when accidents and drunk drivers on the road increase:

  •       May-August for younger drivers (teens) with more idle time on their hands
  •       The period of time between Christmas and the New Year
  •       Several days in the month of August
  •       The NHTSA reports that there are more drunk drivers on the roads on Saturdays than on any other day of the week. 
  •       The highest number of drunk drivers on the road is generally between the hours of 12 PM-3 AM

However, it is important to understand that a drunk driving accident can happen at any time. If you have been struck by a drunk driver, please reach out to an experienced Woodland Hills, CA car accident law firm as soon as you can after you have obtained the necessary medical attention. 

What should I do if I spot a drunk driver on the road? 

If you suspect a car that may have a drunk driver behind the wheel, you should take action immediately. Keep your distance from the car in question and gather as much information as possible, such as license plate number, the make and model of the vehicle, the color of the vehicle and your location. In the meantime, contact 911 and provide them with the information you have gathered. Not only does reporting a drunk driver help to keep them off the roads, they may stand to face DUI charges. Stopping drunk drivers can help put an end to accidents on the road that could have otherwise been prevented. If you are harmed by the drunk driver you have spotted and were trying to report, a Woodland Hills, CA car accident law firm can help you to explore your legal options moving forward. 

Have you become a victim of an accident caused by a drunk driver? Are you unsure of where or whom you can turn to? Chances are you have a number of questions regarding how you should proceed and what the process entails. The legal team at Barry P. Goldberg, A Professional Law Corporation may not only provide you with the representation you need when taking action, we may also help by providing you with a clear legal strategy and genuine support moving forward.  

When Accident Victims Are Partially at Fault for their Injuries

All too often, car accident victims make assumptions about their legal options before they have had their cases objectively evaluated by experienced legal professionals. If you are hesitating to schedule a consultation because you believe that you have no viable legal options, that you were totally to blame for your car accident, and/or that exploring your legal options is not an effort worth your time, it is important to reconsider your approach. Unlike some other states, California takes a generous approach when it comes to the legal rights of car accident victims. As a result, you may be entitled to far more compensation than you’ve been led to believe. The best way to determine whether you have strong grounds for legal action is to schedule a consultation with our experienced legal team. Once we’ve learned about the unique ins and outs of your situation, we can give you our objective assessment of just how strong your case is under the circumstances.

“But wait,” you may be saying, “I’m pretty sure that my conduct caused my accident. What’s the point of seeking legal help if the crash was my fault?” The answer to this question has two parts. First, it’s critically important to avoid making assumptions about fault until your crash has been investigated. Yes, you may have behaved in ways that contributed to the cause of your collision. However, you can’t know for sure that your conduct was the sole cause of your accident until all angles of your collision have been examined by our experienced legal team. Say that you were texting while driving at the time of your crash. Yes, that action likely contributed to the harm you’ve suffered. However, what you don’t yet know is that the other driver was falling asleep behind the wheel and driving a vehicle outfitted with faulty brakes. In this scenario, if you simply assume that you have no legal options because you’re to blame, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to hold both the manufacturer of the faulty brakes financially responsible for your injuries and on the opportunity to hold the employer of the other driver accountable for compelling them to operate their vehicle while half-awake.

Second, it’s important to understand that California is a comparative negligence state. Unlike contributory negligence states – that bar accident victims from seeking compensation from others if they contributed to the cause of their harm in any way – California allows accident victims to hold others accountable for the percentage of harm that their negligence, recklessness, and/or intentionally dangerous conduct caused. For example, if you are deemed to be 30 percent at fault for the harm you’ve suffered, you’ll remain able to hold others financially accountable for their contribution(s) to the remaining 70 percent of fault “in play.”

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you’ve recently been harmed in a car accident, don’t make assumptions about your legal options. Instead, schedule a consultation with the experienced California legal team at the law firm of Barry P. Goldberg in order to receive an objective case evaluation. At that point, you can make informed decisions about pursuing legal action at this time.