Woodland Hills motorcycle accident lawyer

How do I prove the other driver caused my motorcycle accident?Motorcycle accidents are not uncommon and there are many reasons why they are often hit by cars. Perhaps the most common reason is that other drivers do not see motorcycles because they are not paying attention. The Woodland Hills motorcycle accident lawyer of choice is familiar with a wide range of scenarios in which motorcyclists often find themselves the victims of accidents that result in serious injuries. However, if there were no known witnesses of your collision, how do you prove that the other driver was at fault? If they or their insurance company denies responsibility, how do you force them to pay your medical bills and repairs to your motorcycle? If this scenario describes your circumstances, contact Barry P. Goldberg, A Professional Law Corporation to request a free consultation to learn what the next step is.

Proof of Liability

When submitting a personal injury claim with the responsible driver’s insurance company, it is necessary to establish that they are in fact liable for your medical treatment as well as other damages related to your injury. Our Woodland Hills motorcycle accident lawyer has years of experience handling injury claims on behalf of clients. As a result, Barry P. Goldberg, A Professional Law Corporation has earned a solid reputation of successfully protecting the rights of motorcycle accident victims. We may be able to help you prove liability by leveraging our network of trusted experts and additional resources that we have available to our motorcycle accident lawyer in our Woodland Hills office.

Methods of Proving Liability

Because the circumstances surrounding any given accident are unique due to the many variables involved, it’s important to consider each motorcycle accident on an individual basis. Proving liability is a primary focus of our motorcycle accident lawyer from our Woodland Hills location when building a claim on behalf of a client. As mentioned, each case is different but the following are common methods used to prove liability on the part of the other driver:

  •         Eyewitness testimony, including your own.
  •         Video footage from eyewitnesses.
  •         Video footage from traffic cameras.
  •         Damage to the vehicles involved, including your motorcycle. This includes traces of paint from the passenger vehicle that may be on your motorcycle when they collided with you.
  •         Damage to objects at the accident scene such as road signs, barriers, trees, mailboxes, and skid marks on the road.
  •         The official police report of the accident.
  •         Testimony from experts who can speak to how the accident must have occurred, based on available evidence. For instance, this might be a forensic accident scene investigator, medical professional, or a mechanical engineer.

The Value in Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When motorcycle accident victims work with a Woodland Hills motorcycle accident lawyer they trust, they can feel confident that every effort will be made to obtain the maximum possible settlement from those responsible for causing their injuries. Contact Barry P. Goldberg, A Professional Law Corporation today to schedule a consultation.