Halloween Injuries: Who’s Liable?

With Halloween just around the corner, many residents of the San Fernando Valley are preparing for trick-or-treaters of all ages.  While Halloween is supposed to be a fun, accident-free holiday, injuries can and do happen.  For example, trick-or-treating can wrong can lead to potential liability if the child is injured while on your property. Read…


Pedestrian Accidents and Life Care Planning

The sad truth of the matter is that in a “scuffle” between a pedestrian and a motor vehicle, the pedestrian is most likely to lose and serious injuries are most often the result. In many cases of pedestrian accidents in the San Fernando Valley, the incident leaves the pedestrian with a fractured bones, head trauma, and ongoing emotional trauma resulting from the terror of being hit by a car or truck.

In some lucky instances, a pedestrian is left rather unscathed. Perhaps a few visits to a doctor and physical therapy or counseling are all the individual needs.  In other cases, especially when alcohol, texting and driving, or other forms of distracted driving are involved, a broken back or neck can be the outcome for the innocent pedestrian. In cases like these, where an injury can or does lead to paralysis, “Life Care Planning” is required. Pedestrian accidents are no joke, and happen with more regularity than you may believe. If you or a loved one was injured in a pedestrian accident, it would be wise to retain the experience and knowledge of a skilled personal injury attorney who has had success recovering money in other cases involving pedestrian injuries.

What is Life Care Planning?

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One Accident, Multiple Causes—Single Policy Limit.

Woodland Hills accident attorney Barry P. Goldberg tirelessly looks for every available source of recovery, especially in serious injury cases. Often an accident has many possible causes.  The obvious causes usually involve other negligent drivers, road conditions and faulty equipment.  Many lawyers without insurance coverage experience fall into a trap and argue that the owner…


Miley Cyrus Involved in Dog Bite Lawsuit

It seems like Disney star turned pop instigator Miley Cyrus is always making the news! This time, it has nothing to do with her outrageous fashion choices or dance moves. Unfortunately for Miley, she has been named in a lawsuit along with her sister Brandi Cyrus and Brandi’s dog. A Los Angeles model has filed suit, claiming that the dog viciously attacked and injured her and her career is now ruined.

According to the complaint, the model was walking through her apartment building, where a unit is owned in Miley’s company’s name, and passed by Brandi’s dog. The dog, which was being handled by one of Miley’s employees, attacked the model without provocation, ripping her thigh open in the process. The model alleges that the scars from the attack are so bad that she will never be able to work as a model ever again. Miley Cyrus’s company and Miley’s sister are being sued for damages; including medical bills and lost wages.

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If you or a loved one was attacked by a dog in Southern California and suffered emotional or physical injury as a result, you may be able to recover financial compensation as well.

Dog Bite Statistics

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Does an Insurer Commit “Bad Faith” by Refusing to Settle Your Case?

Woodland Hills personal injury attorney Barry P. Goldberg is regularly asked whether an insurer is committing “bad faith” by failing or refusing to settle a case. Most accident victims do not realize that the “at fault” party’s insurer really owes virtually no duty of care to the accident victim. Rather, the duty of care is…


Is a Car Making a Left Hand Turn Always at Fault in California?

As many drivers in the Greater Los Angeles area know all too well, making a left turn at a light without a left turn arrow can be a challenge. Many times, cars are “forced” to make the turns as the light is turning red, or in some cases, is already red. Not surprisingly, this can lead to a large number of automobile accidents; many of which result in serious injuries. So the question is, s a car making a left turn always at fault in an accident?

Is a Car Making a Left Turn Always at Fault in an Accident

Generally speaking, a car making a left turn is almost always liable to a car coming straight in the other direction, if the light is green for the driver heading straight. As with many aspects of personal injury law, there are exceptions.

Exceptions to this near-automatic liability can exist if:


Determining Fault in CA Automobile Accidents

All drivers in California have a duty to exercise reasonable care while operating a motor vehicle. Even so, automobile accidents are a harsh reality of modern life. Typically (though not always), automobile accidents are caused because at least one driver was negligent in some way (driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, texting and driving, eating and driving, and more). There are a number of factors that can contribute to a finding of negligence under the California Vehicle Code.  Continue reading to learn a few of the more typical situations of driver negligence and their effect on a potential lawsuit, as well as the factors that the judge or jury may look at in making a determination of fault.

Common Causes of Auto Accidents

One very common cause of auto accidents in today’s busy world is the failure to pay attention while driving.  Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley drivers have a duty to keep a lookout for other vehicles and maintain control of the vehicle.  Drivers that are texting, eating, operating a cell phone, or using an electronic music device while driving may all be found liable for failure to pay attention while driving.


Protecting Your Interests After a Car Accident: Tips for Anticipating a Personal Injury Lawsuit

After an automobile accident in the San Fernando Valley, a number of pressing thoughts are often racing through your mind.  Am I okay?  How much damage is there to my car?  Should I get an attorney?  Will I be sued?  There are a number of issues that can come up following an automobile accident, in addition to addressing and recovering from any physical injuries that may have taken place.  This article will serve as a primer to addressing some common situations that occur after an automobile accident, and help you with anticipating issues that arise in anticipation of a personal injury lawsuit.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident


Understanding and Avoiding Situations of Vicarious Liability

How many times have you loaned your automobile to a friend or family member?  Even if you trust the person you are lending your car to, incidents can occur that can put you at risk for legal liability. Many automobile accidents involve parties other than the owners of the vehicle and, in the event of an auto accident, there are situations where you might be held responsible for another person’s behavior.  Continue reading for a legal primer on such potential situations in and an outline of the legal implications of auto accidents that occur when someone other than you is driving the car.

Under many circumstances, if you loan your car to your relative and your relative is driving your vehicle, you will be held responsible for any damages he or she causes due to negligence (such as texting and driving, drinking and driving, or other forms of distracted driving). This is a legal concept called “vicarious liability”.


Hit & Run Motorcycle Accidents

As many Los Angeles County residents have witnessed firsthand, motorcycle accidents are all too common. From the curves of Mulholland Drive to the Gridlock of the 405, motorcyclists and drivers compete for space on a relatively small amount of roadway in an very slow moving attempt to get to their final destination. Sometimes, this competition leads to serious motorcycles accidents. And in other instances, the automobile drivers involved in the accident drive off, resulting in a hit and run motorcycle accident. To learn more about what to do after being involved in a hit and run accident, please visit our hit and run / uninsured motorist resource center.

Recently, a motorcyclist was struck and killed by a driver who then tried to flee the scene. The suspect, a man in his 30s, was arrested nearby and faces possible charges of vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence. Sadly, this innocent accident victim is not alone. Indeed, the Department of Transport recently issued its latest findings on motorcycles deaths and related injuries in the U.S. and the report shows that 4,612 motorcyclists died in 2011 in the U.S. According to NHTSA, this is a 2% increase in rider fatalities over 2010.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics