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Tax Time Question—- Is My Personal Injury Settlement Taxable?

Woodland Hills personal injury lawyer Barry P. Goldberg starts receiving phone calls around this “tax time” of year from clients asking whether their personal injury settlements must be declared and are taxable.  I always answer the question the same way, I am not qualified to provide tax advice.  In fact, I “glazed over” in law…


Lawyers can be Heroes!

Woodland Hills personal injury lawyer Barry P. Goldberg is trying to fight the negative lawyer stereotypes by attempting to live up to high ideals.  By being active in the San Fernando Valley Bar Association as an elected trustee and performing with the Los Angeles Lawyers Philharmonic and Big Band of Barristers, Mr. Goldberg meets several…


2016 Amendment to C.C.P § 998 Equalizes Costs for Plaintiffs and Defendants

Woodland Hills personal injury lawyer Barry P. Goldberg frequently comments on proper uses and tactics of C.C.P § 998 Offers to Compromise.  In fact, it is one of the few very useful tools left for a personal injury attorney to prompt or force a settlement with a third party in litigation.  Moreover, C.C.P § 998…

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Never Sign a Release in an Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Case!

Woodland Hills personal injury attorney Barry P. Goldberg is an expert on all things “Uninsured” and “Underinsured.”  The problem with Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist claims is that there is no integrated statute and procedural guidelines for properly handling these claims.  It is a patchwork of statutes, rules and contractual provisions.  Many, if not most, personal…