Hey! The Foreign Good Driver Discount Works!

Woodland Hills Personal Injury Attorney Barry P. Goldberg recently published: “U.S. Citizen or not, you may qualify for the California Good Driver Discount.” The Article examined the good driver discount as it applies to foreign drivers licensed in California for less than three years. Under California law, a foreign driver may claim a good driver…


Impact of Bankruptcy on a Personal Injury Claim

Woodland Hills Personal Injury lawyer Barry P. Goldberg is always on the alert for issues affecting personal injury plaintiffs.  As part of that concern, Mr. Goldberg has aligned himself with related professionals to provide the best possible service.  This article was contributed by noted bankruptcy counsel Andrew Goodman. As Mr. Goodman points out, if you…


Barry P. Goldberg Donates to Grandparents as Parents

San Fernando Valley, CA – Attorney Barry P. Goldberg and Team BPG are excited to announce the third recipient of their December Charity Donate-a-thon. This week’s recipient of $1000 is:

Grandparents As Parents in Canoga Park, California.

This wonderful organization is dedicated to providing “programs and services that meet the urgent and ongoing needs of grandparents and other relatives raising children at risk. We seek to positively impact that Third GenerationTM and the grandparents and adults who love and care for them, so caregivers and children alike can grow and thrive.”


5 Mistakes To Avoid If You Have Been Bitten By A Dog

Although a dog is often considered to be a man’s best friend, that is not always the case, especially if we are talking about a stranger’s dog. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a whopping 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year.

Whether it is owner negligence or just plain bad luck, you need to have a solid case to get compensation for your financial and psychological injuries. Read on for a list of 5 things that you need to avoid after a dog has attacked you…

Not Getting Medical Help


Involved In A Minor Car Accident? Here’s What To Do Next

As a driver, a huge responsibility falls on your shoulders when you take to the San Fernando Valley roads and freeways. Even one distraction or miscalculation when driving can cause an accident. While responsible driving is taught in driver education courses, and many motorists drive defensively and use caution when on the road, accidents still happen.

Have you recently been involved in a car accident? No doubt an auto collision is an emotionally exhausting and stressful situation for all parties involved. If not properly handled, such as with the assistance of an experienced accident attorney, this situation can blow out of control.

Drivers involved in an accident are responsible for knowing what to do following an accident. Read on to learn more.


Safety Tips for Bicycle Riders

When bicycle accidents happen, they are often quite serious. Indeed, bicycle riders face a greater risk of suffering from serious crash-related injuries and deaths than other drivers. Whether you are trying to “go green”, get some exercise, or just catch some fresh air, here are some tips to ensure that your bicycle rides remain safe and sound.

Know About Traffic Rules and Regulations

California is a very bicycle friendly state. However, as a cyclist, it is always smart to be aware of the rules of the road before you head out on your ride. Following these rules will also hopefully make it easier for you to ride safely and in harmony with motorists. What’s more, if you are involved in an accident, it would be easier to get compensation if you were in the right.


Barry P. Goldberg Donates to Los Angeles Family Housing

San Fernando Valley, California – Attorney Barry P. Goldberg donated $1,000 on December 12, 2016 to the LA Family Housing (LAFH) – Christmas Gift Card Program as part of his law firm’s December Charity Donate-a-Thon.

Mr. Goldberg recently met the director at a Blanket the Homeless Program with the San Fernando Valley Bar Association, of which he is the Treasurer.  The director shared that the LA Family Housing facility was “transitional” for 90 days and that the organization has been placing families in reasonably priced housing around the Valley after the 90 days. There are hundreds of local families that are scraping by to make rent and buy food, and Christmas gifts for children are at the bottom of the list. The LAFH is trying to get $20 gift cards to give to the parents for each child that is part of the placement, so the parents can provide a Christmas gift.


Drunk Driving Accidents and the Holidays

Not surprisingly, the odds of getting into an auto accident increase when there are more cars on the road (such as during rush hour) or when driving conditions are less than optimal (say, during rain storms). But when the number of alcohol impaired drivers increases, the odds of a drunk driving related accident skyrocket.

Alcohol consumption and holiday driving

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), at certain times of the year, such as summers and holidays, the numbers of deaths caused by drunk drivers increases dramatically. During the Christmas season, for example, an average of 45 fatalities involving an alcohol-impaired driver occurred each day, and soared to 54 per day over New Year’s.


Motorcyclists and “Riding” Under the Influence

Drunk driving is a problem year round, and particularly during the holiday season. Recent reports show that over 16,000 people were injured in drunk driving accidents in California in one year. That number is far too high. Drunk driving puts not only the driver’s life at risk, but it also increases the risk of injury or death to other motorists.

And drunk driving isn’t just for automobiles. Recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that drunk driving deaths involving motorcycles are on the rise and that motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes are 2.5 times more likely to have consumed alcohol than passenger vehicle drivers.. Indeed, motorcyclists have the highest percentage of alcohol-related deaths — about 46% of riders killed in accidents, according to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), have alcohol in their system at the time of their death.

Drunk Driving Consquences