Don’t Ask my Client to Explain my Legal Contentions!

Woodland Hills personal injury attorney Barry P. Goldberg regularly sees young or inexperienced lawyers attempt to cross examine plaintiffs essentially about the attorney’s legal contentions in the lawsuit.  It gets confusing when the cross examiner asks for “facts” which support a particular contention, affirmative defense or denial of a request for admission.  Any version of…


Motorcycle Helmet Laws in California

Do California motorcyclists have to wear helmets? The answer is a resounding yes. California Motorcycle Helmet Law In fact, California law (California Vehicle Code, Division 12, Chapter 5, Article 7, Section 27803) clearly states that: “A driver and any passenger shall wear a safety helmet meeting requirements established pursuant to Section 27802 when riding on…


Arbitrators May Award Some Amounts Above the Policy Limits in Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Cases.

Los Angeles Uninsured Motorist Attorney, Barry P. Goldberg, fields questions from lawyers and insureds alike regarding Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist arbitrations.  One of the more frequent topics concerns whether an arbitrator can “award” an amount above the stated policy limits and how “award” procedure actually works. Technically, an arbitrator is limited in assessing damages to…


Special School-Related Needs of Children with Brain Injuries

Often, when we think of car accidents, we think of broken bones and cuts and bruises. We do not consider what might be happening on the inside, especially to our children who are injured in an auto accident. A combination of factors can make them more susceptible to a traumatic brain injury.  A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when an external mechanical force causes brain dysfunction and is generally the result of a violent blow or jolt to the head or body.

Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury

If you have been involved in a car accident and your children were in the car with you, it is important to pay attention to certain symptoms and signs of a TBI, which can include:


Later Injuries Resulting from Car Accidents

Many times, car accident victims do not initially realize the extent of their injuries. Perhaps they were able to leave the scene of an auto accident on their own, without the assistance of medical help. It is important to accident victims to realize that many injuries (such as whiplash and other neck injuries) do not immediately show up. It is best to keep an eye out for later-symptoms and to seek medical attention as soon as these symptoms arise.

In other cases, apparent injuries can lead to more serious damages. For example, an individual who initially has only a physical injury (i.e. injury to a wrist, leg, neck, back, etc…) can later on develop more serious problems, resulting from the initial injury. If you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms like this after being involved in a car accident in Woodland Hills, reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney. You may be able to recover financial compensation for the injuries resulting from the accident.

Were you or a loved one injured in a car accident only to experience later symptoms that further aggravated your injury? If yes, you are not alone. Examples of more serious injuries resulting from an initial injury in a car accident include:


Seat Belt Defects and Car Accidents

As we know, automobile accidents in the San Fernando Valley can lead to serious injuries and sometimes death. When we combine a several thousand pound vehicle with defective products, the injuries can be even more catastrophic. If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident and you believe the accident was caused by a defective product or the injuries were more severe due to the defective product, contact an experienced auto accident lawyer immediately.

Automotive recalls are quite common these days. It is important to pay attention to these recalls in case the car you are driving has been recalled for some reason; including seat belt issues, defective airbags, or defective brakes. Recently, Mitsubishi Motors North America recalled over 40,000 Outlander SUVs to fix a problem with the front passenger seat belt lap fastener.


Rainy Weather Leads to Coffee Shop Car Crash?

Recently, Southern California has received some much-needed rainfall. While this is good for our environment, it hasn’t been great for many San Fernando Valley drivers, who are not used to driving in the rain. Take, for example, the case of a local driver who crashed into a Burbank Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Tuesday morning after losing control of her vehicle on the wet roads. The coffee shop was full of customers, but thankfully, no one was injured.

Rainy Weather Car Accident Statistics

According to the Federal Highway Administration, there are over 5,870,000 vehicle crashes each year across the country. 23% of these crashes – more than 1.3 million – are weather-related. The FHA defines weather-related crashes as “crashes that occur in adverse weather (i.e., rain, sleet, snow, fog, severe crosswinds, or blowing snow/sand/debris) or on slick pavement (i.e., wet pavement, snowy/slushy pavement, or icy pavement).” On average, 6,250 people are killed and over 480,000 people are injured in weather-related crashes each year.

Auto Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

Clever Use of the Rules Can Make the Most of Your Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Arbitration

Los Angeles personal injury attorney, Barry P. Goldberg, is recognized as the “go to” expert on all things Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist.  In fact, other lawyers frequently contact him on questions about securing the arbitration in the first place.  However, very little thought is paid to actually maximizing the opportunities of the arbitration itself.  This…