Taxi Accident Lawyer Chatsworth, CA

Taxi Accident Lawyer Chatsworth, CAIf you were injured in a taxicab accident, you should speak to a taxi accident lawyer Chatsworth, CA residents trust. Taxis are a common mode of transportation in the area due to their convenience and reliability. However, they’re also a common cause of vehicle accidents. A lawyer can help you pursue compensation for your injuries and protect your legal rights.

Common Causes of Taxi Accidents

Taxi accidents occur for a variety of different reasons. While some of these collisions are caused by other motorists, others result from the taxi driver’s negligence. Here are a few reasons why these accidents occur:


  • Aggressive Lane Changes: Taxi drivers often drive during heavy traffic and may try to aggressively weave between lanes to get through. Unfortunately, this can increase the risk of them hitting other vehicles and getting into accidents.
  • Speeding: The more people a taxi driver picks up, the more money they ultimately make. Some taxi drivers may speed to get their passengers to their destinations quicker, so they can pick up more passengers. However, driving above the speed limit makes it more difficult to slow down when necessary, increasing the risk of an accident.
  • Fatigued Driving: Taxi drivers are on the road for many consecutive hours each day. If they don’t take the necessary breaks, they can become drowsy behind the wheel. They may lose focus of the road ahead of them and even fall asleep behind the wheel.
  • Distracted Driving: As a taxi accident lawyer in Chatsworth, CA can confirm, taxi drivers, deal with a lot of distractions. They may talk on a cellphone, look at the GPS or talk to passengers, all of which take their eyes and attention off the road. Unfortunately, taking your focus off the road forever a split second can increase the risk of getting into an accident.
  • Improper Maintenance: Taxi companies are responsible for maintaining their vehicles and making necessary repairs promptly. If they fail to do this, the risk of accidents can increase. For example, a tire blowout or brake failure can cause the driver to lose control of the taxicab and cause a crash.
  • Intoxication: Although the dangers of drunk driving are well known, some taxi drivers may still choose to drink before getting behind the wheel. They may drink alcohol to deal with the stress of the job. Unfortunately, drinking reduces their judgment and reaction times, increasing the risk of accidents.



Pursuing Compensation

If you were involved in a taxi accident, it’s in your best interest to work with an experienced car accident lawyer in Chatsworth, CA. Liability can be more complex in taxi accidents than in traditional car accidents, so it’s important to have someone knowledgeable and experienced on your side.

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