Side Swipe, or Lane Changing Auto Accidents

Lane change or “side swipe” collisions are more common than one might think.  These auto accidents are described as a “glancing blow” from or on the side of another object, such as another vehicle and usually occur when one vehicle makes an improper lane change and makes contact with the vehicle in the adjacent lane. Drivers of motorcycles and commercial trucks can also be guilty of side swipe collisions.  Cyclists are often victims of these accidents as drivers underestimate or fail to acknowledge the space a cyclist needs on the road.

A side swipe accident in Woodland Hills may also be caused by a distracted driver who veers into the adjacent lane.  Distracted driving occurs under a variety of circumstances, including texting while driving, using a phone, being impaired by alcohol or prescription drugs, or a host of other circumstances.

Be Careful Out There! The Recreational Immunity Statute Could Preclude Liability!

Woodland Hills Personal Injury Lawyer Barry P. Goldberg encourages everyone to enjoy the outdoors and experience all that California, Los Angeles County and Ventura County have to offer.  However, if you are entering property to hike, sight see or bike, you may not be able to sue anyone if you are injured.  This surprises many…