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A Plaintiff without Medical Insurance Can Still Establish the Reasonable Value of Medical Services Rendered—- the Medical Bills are Admissible for That Purpose.

Woodland Hills personal injury lawyer Barry P. Goldberg is frequently challenged to establish the reasonable value of his client’s medical bills even though they are not paid by health insurance.  The “challenge” is presenting a trial without incurring large and arguably unnecessary expert fees merely to have someone testify that medical bills in a particular…

Shoulder Injuries Caused by Personal Injury Accidents

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the majority of us will suffer a shoulder injury during our lifetimes. Many times, these injuries are caused by auto accidents or slip and fall accidents. And while some of these will be relatively minor strains or separations, others will be more serious and result in long-term pain and suffering and medical care. If you or a loved one have suffered a shoulder injury in an accident in Woodland Hills that was not your fault and are struggling to work, or are entirely unable to work, talk to an experienced personal injury attorney about your legal rights.

Common shoulder injuries

The three most common types of shoulder injuries are:

Tips for a Safe and Injury-Free Halloween

If you are like 64% of Americans, you will be celebrating Halloween this weekend. Halloween is considered by many to be a fun holiday, with an opportunity to dress up in a crazy / creative / unique costume and eat a lot of sugar! Indeed, Halloween is known by many, certainly children, for its trick or treating. And for good reason — we are projected to spend $2.1 billion on Halloween candy in the U.S. this year alone!

With 41 million potential trick or treaters between the ages of 4 and 15 expected to be out on the streets this Halloween, it is important for parents to keep a few safety tips in mind to ensure a safe holiday. While a day of fun for many, Halloween poses plenty of real dangers that lead to real injuries and real cases. Claims can range from pedestrian accidents to dog bites and premises liability. By following these tips, you can help to ensure that you and your family and friends stay safe this Halloween while out and about in Woodland Hills.

Tips for a safe Halloween

Santa Monica Successfully Asserts “Trail Immunity” For Sidewalk/Path at Palisades Park

Woodland Hills personal injury attorney Barry P. Goldberg is frequently consulted concerning fall accidents and biking accidents in and around Santa Monica.  In a recent unpublished case, the Court expanded the immunities available to public entities to include the “paths” adjacent to Ocean Avenue at Palisades Park which might otherwise be considered “sidewalks” for purposes…

“Physical Contact” is required in order to make an Uninsured Motorist Claim!

Los Angeles Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist attorney Barry P. Goldberg is regularly confronted with issues which implicate the use of Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage.  It is very common that an unidentified “hit and run” vehicle is involved in serious collisions.  It is not uncommon for a “phantom” vehicle to cut someone off or run someone off…

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A Judgment After an Adversarial Trial is Still Needed to Obtain Amounts Above the Policy Limits.

Woodland Hills personal injury attorney Barry P. Goldberg is always looking for creative ways to obtain as much as possible for his clients.  It has become more common that the value of the plaintiff’s injuries easily exceed the available third party policy limits.  Most capable plaintiff’s attorneys know and understand how to make a “policy…

Traffic Safety Tips for School Children

With millions of California students officially back in school, traffic safety should also be on every parent and child supervisor’s back-to-school list. Too often, we hear tragic stories of children walking in a crosswalk on the way to or from school getting hit bar a car, suffering severe and sometimes life-threatening injuries. With instances of texting and driving on the rise, even though it is against the law, it is especially important to teach our children street safety tips. And yes, scrolling through Instagram or Facebook while driving is also considered distracted driving. If your child was injured in an auto accident or pedestrian accident caused by a distracted driver, contact an experienced accident attorney.

Traffic Dangers Children Face