Expert Testimony is Necessary to Establish Some Types of Damage, But Not Others.

Woodland Hills personal injury attorney Barry P. Goldberg is often faced with decisions whether to hire experts on medical causation, or allow the plaintiff and the jury to apply common sense.  Essentially, the question of whether an expert is required comes down to whether the medical [or economic] condition is “beyond common experience” such that…

Who’s at Fault in a Car Accident During Bad Weather?

Southern California is typically the home of sunshine and warm weather. We generally don’t have to deal with the icy roads, snow, and torrential rain that drivers in other states face each winter. With this nice weather comes inexperience with less than perfect driving conditions. As you have probably experienced firsthand, driving through the San Fernando Valley during a rainstorm can be a harrowing ordeal, with traffic backed up for hours due to car crashes, cautious drivers, and other accidents.

So who’s to blame when the weather causes a car accident in California?

As we have discussed in previous posts, not all car accidents in Woodland Hills are cut-and-dry when it comes to determining liability.  Multiple factors can contribute to fender benders, multi-car pile ups, and catastrophic crashes including driver error, mechanical failure (such as faulty brakes), and inclement weather conditions. If you or a loved one were injured in a car accident that was not your fault, speak to an experienced auto accident lawyer who can review all of these factors and build a strong case on your behalf.