Sexual Harassment Lawyer Woodland Hills, California Sexual Harassment Lawyer Woodland Hills, California

If you are experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace, you should reach out to the sexual harassment lawyer Woodland Hills, California relies on from Barry P. Goldberg. When someone is sexually harassing you, not only can it be personally offensive but it is also a way of discriminating against you. It can make you feel that you are in an unsafe and hostile environment which can affect how you perform at work and even your personal life. Our sex discrimination lawyer Woodland Hills, CA wants you to feel safe when you go to work and if someone has been harassing you, you should contact our office for representation. When someone has been making unwelcome sexual advances or physically or verbally harassing you, do not hesitate to contact our Woodland Hills sexual harassment lawyer for help. 

What does it mean to be harassed in the workplace?

Unfortunately, our Woodland Hills sexual harassment lawyer knows that workplace harassment is incredibly common and just because someone makes a comment or joke does not mean what they are doing is illegal. However, threats, verbal or physical sexual assaults, sharing personal images, and telling certain jokes can be illegal and we would like to speak with you about the situations you have been in. We know that it is not easy to discuss these kinds of situations because they may be traumatic or embarrassing. However, we believe in getting you justice for the way you have been treated. 

Ways That Sexual Harassment Occurs

There are many ways you may see sexual harassment in the workplace:

  • A person wants to exchange favors for sexual favors
  • A person threatens to demote you or give you shifts you don’t want if you do not perform sexual favors
  • A person makes rude and sexual comments about your appearance or how you are dressed
  • A person threatens your reputation if you do not perform sexual favors
  • A person makes you feel physically unsafe because of sexual advances
  • A person makes offensive sexual jokes that create a hostile work environment

Our Woodland Hills, California sexual harassment lawyer knows that these are all forms of sexual harassment and often can occur at the same time from the same person. 

If you have been the victim of sexual harassment and do not feel safe at work or feel that your job is on the line because of it, speak with our attorney today. We care about fighting for your rights to being safe at work. For more information, contact our sexual harassment lawyer in Woodland Hills, CA from Barry P. Goldberg today.