Sexual Assault Lawyer Woodland Hills, CA

Sexual Assault Lawyer Woodland Hills, CA

Our sexual assault lawyer Woodland Hills, CA, recommends shares that to experience sexual assault can leave victims suffering incredible losses. Sexual assault can leave a lasting impact, one that may leave victims wondering whether they will have the ability to take legal action. There are several steps you should consider following such a tragic event. Because of this, it’s recommended that you take the time to research sexual assault lawyers in the Woodland Hills, CA area. Meeting with prospective lawyers in your area will make all the difference, ensuring that you can obtain a professional who can represent you to the fullest extent and protect your rights. Barry P. Goldberg, our Woodland Hills, CA sexual assault lawyer, is fully prepared to support you during this trying time.

The Impact of Sexual Assault

The impact of sexual assault can be substantial, leaving survivors to experience a significant level of physical pain and trauma. To experience such a traumatic event can be difficult and challenging for many to understand. Working with a Woodland Hills, CA sexual assault lawyer who is trauma-informed can provide survivors with the support they need when dealing with the aftermath. Sexual assault can leave victims experiencing shame, fear, sadness, depression, lack of trust, and more. The impact can be long term, something that survivors may be left seeking support for over the long term. If the defendant breached their duty of care and you experienced injuries and losses as a result, you must take action as soon as possible with Barry P. Goldberg, a sexual assault lawyer Woodland Hills, California, can rely on. 

Reasons a Consultation is Important

Our sex discrimination lawyer in Woodland Hills CA shares that sexual assaults are far more prevalent than many may realize. Sexual assault occurs when consent is not present. This can include sexual behavior that is unwanted such as: forcing the victim to perform unwanted sexual acts, rape, unwanted sexual touching, and more. Assault can have both a physical and psychological impact on victims. It’s not uncommon for those who have experienced rape or sexual assault to blame themselves, believing that they did something to cause the attack. You need a Woodland Hills, CA sexual assault lawyer, to assist you during one of the most challenging experiences of your life, which is why you must take the time to receive consultation from our Woodland Hills, CA sexual assault lawyer before moving forward. The following are reasons a consultation is important:

  • To receive counsel from an experienced lawyer who can help you take action
  • To assist in navigating both civil and criminal proceedings
  • To ensure that you choose the best sexual assault lawyer in Woodland Hills, CA to represent you
  • To have your case reviewed by a lawyer who can help guide you in the best way to move forward
  • So that you can choose a lawyer who is the right fit for you

Injuries and losses following a sexual assault can be significant, resulting in long-lasting medical issues, emotional trauma, and more. For the help you deserve, contact our trauma-informed sexual assault lawyer serving Woodland Hills, CA. 

Barry P. Goldberg is Ready to Support

Barry P. Goldberg is a sexual assault lawyer serving the Woodland Hills, CA area. We are prepared to represent you and provide you with the guidance and support you need. We know that you may be experiencing significant challenges. Taking legal action can be particularly challenging, so you need an experienced lawyer by your side. To take advantage of the legal services we have to offer, contact our Woodland Hills, CA, sexual assault lawyer, as soon as possible.