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Dog bites. We know they happen, but we never expect them to happen to us. Vicious dog bite attacks often suffer debilitating injuries that impact all aspects of their daily lives. Many suffer permanent scars – both physical and mental – that serve as daily reminders of what happened. Of course, if you have been attacked, you likely know this all too well.

Born and raised in the Woodland Hills area, attorney Barry P. Goldberg is a committed advocate for local dog bite victims in Southern California. Calling on more than 35 years of legal experience, he vigorously pursues just compensation for his clients, taking a unique professional and personal approach that makes clear his clients always come first. Other injury attorneys trust Mr. Goldberg with their clients’ dog bite cases, and clients know that he will do everything in his power to help them quickly secure the compensation they deserve.

“Barry P. Goldberg is an attorney you can always trust . . . I have known Barry for over 20 years and he has assisted me a few times. Barry will always be available to you and . . . will always do his best to give you the best possible outcome. If you want the best you do not need to look any further.” – Rob, Satisfied Client

Understanding California’s Dog Bite Law

In California, dog bite claims are subject to the law of “strict liability.” This means that you do not need to prove the dog’s owner was negligent in order to recover compensation. If you can prove the following four facts, California’s dog bite law entitles you to seek a financial recovery:

  • The person against whom you file your claim was the dog’s owner at the time of the attack;
  • The dog physically bit you;
  • You were lawfully present (i.e., not trespassing) when the attack took place; and,
  • The bite caused the injuries for which you are seeking financial compensation.

Of course, this does not mean that securing compensation is easy. Most dog bite claims go through the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy, and this means that you will need to deal with an insurance company in order to enforce your rights. Mr. Goldberg has specific experience in California dog bite claims, and he uses aggressive case strategies to help his clients win maximum compensation.

San Fernando Valley, CA Dog Bite Attorney Barry P. Goldberg Answers Your FAQs

Does California follow the “one bite rule”?

No, the “strict liability” rule discussed above takes the place of the “one bite rule” that applies in other states. In California, dog owners can be held liable even if their dogs have never bitten before.

Can you seek compensation for emotional trauma resulting from a dog bite?

Yes. In addition to seeking compensation for medical bills and loss of income (both past and future), dog bite victims in California can also seek compensation for their emotional losses. This includes pain and suffering, the emotional effects of scarring and disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, and other forms of emotional trauma.

Is it true that I can’t seek compensation if I provoked the dog that bit me?

No. In cases where the dog’s owner (or the owner’s insurance company) alleges a provoked attack, the issue comes down to “comparative fault.” If you were partially at fault because you provoked the dog, you can still seek compensation – your award will just be reduced in proportion to your level of fault.

Where can I learn more about California’s dog bite law?

For more information about California’s dog bite law, we encourage you to review these free resources on our website:

How do I choose the right personal injury lawyer to handle my dog bite case?

If you have been bitten by a dog in San Fernando Valley, your choice of legal representation is important. Dog bite cases are unique, and the insurance companies use a number of different tactics to deny bite victims just compensation. As a result, when choosing a San Fernando Valley dog bite lawyer to handle your claim, you should look for someone who offers:

  • Specific experience in dog bite cases under California law
  • Intimate knowledge of the insurance companies’ tactics in dog bite cases
  • Contingency-fee representation (no fee unless you win)

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