Northridge CA Law FirmIf you’ve been injured in an accident, you want to make sure you get the compensation you deserve which is why you should contact the offices of Barry P. Goldberg who runs a Northridge CA law firm that specializes in car accidents and truck accidents claims, helping people with catastrophic injuries, and death caused by the actions of negligent individuals. The office of Barry P. Goldberg also works with clients who have suffered a traumatic brain injury due to medical malpractice or other factors, including vehicle accidents, on-the-job injuries, slip-and-falls, and more.

Specializing in Personal Injury Accidents

Barry P. Goldberg’s law firm in Northridge, California is committed to providing the highest quality personal injury legal service and assistance to its clients. The firm’s many strengths help clients who are dealing with a wide variety of issues including accidents, and more. We here at the firm are ready to answer your questions about your legal rights, privileges, and responsibilities. Consult with a professional law corporation, Barry P. Goldberg, today for advice about your situation.

In addition to excellent legal care while visiting our office, there are many places nearby that clients and potential clients may find helpful. Whether you or a loved one are in need of medical help for injuries, mental health help, taking a nature break from a stressful case, or the convenience of a large university and all of its facilities, when you visit the office of Barry P. Goldberg, you are surrounded by help. 

Dignity Health Northridge Hospital Medical CenterDignity Health – Northridge Hospital Medical Center

Northridge is home to Dignity Health’s Northridge Hospital Medical Center, which is the primary trauma hospital for the San Fernando Valley. Serious injuries all go to this hospital. Also known as Northridge Hospital Medical Center, it is located just under ten minutes away from the law offices of Barry P. Goldberg, and is a recognized and trusted leader in delivering cost-effective, high-quality care to the surrounding communities. Northridge Hospital Medical Center is a regional level 1 trauma center that offers many specialty clinics and programs including dentistry, bariatric surgery, burn rehabilitation, and spine surgery among many others.

With specialists on staff to treat specific injuries from events such as car accidents, Dignity Health is a good place to have on your radar. And, if you experience an accident, you should contact a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. The law offices of Barry P. Goldberg have their own staff on standby, ready to help you or a loved one that has suffered from issues due to a wreck get the compensation you deserve. These issues can range from mental health problems such as depression to bodily harm such as broken limbs to serious injuries and even death. Plus, a car accident lawyer is experienced in working with medical professionals to request evidence for your case such as your medical records from Northridge Hospital Medical Center. But, if you have been in an accident, before contacting a car accident lawyer from the law offices of Barry P. Goldberg, make sure you seek medical help from a nearby place such as Dignity Health, or Northridge Hospital Medical Center.

California State University NorthridgeCalifornia State University, Northridge

Located a mere 8 minutes away from the law offices of Barry P. Goldberg, the university was founded in 1958 and is the oldest public university in California. There are about 33,000 students at CSU Northridge and an extra 4,000 temporary learners are on campus annually from various online courses. There are over 300 academic programs to choose from so there’s something for everybody. The business school even offers MBA programs for up to 20,000 students per semester!

If you are looking to take your education to the next level, or you want to enroll in some fun courses, check out California State University! It is a great place to learn more, and it can be a good distraction if you are in the middle of a serious case with a truck accident lawyer. The law offices of Barry P. Goldberg have a truck accident lawyer who specializes in personal injury from motor vehicle collisions, and they understand that a case after an already traumatizing wreck can be extremely difficult. That’s why they recommend finding something fun to learn more about at California State University to take your mind off things, and to use as a creative outlet.

Chatsworth Nature PreserveChatsworth Nature Preserve

Located just under fifteen minutes away from the law offices of Barry P. Goldberg, the 700-acre Chatsworth Nature Preserve is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of Northridge. You can go on nature walks, take in the views or even see birds of prey. Along the way, there are interpretive signs that tell you about what you’re seeing and help increase your appreciation for these beautiful open spaces. On any given day, there are people from all walks of life enjoying themselves, getting fresh air, and taking a break from technology for an hour or two.

The reason the law offices of Barry P. Goldberg recommend the preserve is that they work with some really serious cases such as those that call for the services of their on-staff brain injury lawyer. These sorts of injuries are traumatic and life-changing, but the preserve is a great place to go to step away from the stress of it all. Enjoy the day with family and friends birdwatching, learning more about local flora and fauna, and stretching your legs on outdoor trails before returning to your case with an attorney like the brain injury lawyer at the law offices of Barry P. Goldberg.

After you have sought medical help or brushed up on your skills or enjoyed a day away from technology, contact the Northridge CA Law Firm of Barry P. Goldberg for help with your accident case.