What Are Common Medical Malpractice Mistakes? 

What Are Common Medical Malpractice Mistakes? 

A traumatic brain injury can affect your quality of life in a dramatic way, leading to devastating injuries as well as temporary or even permanent disability. A common cause of brain injury that a lawyer handles is medical malpractice. Medical professionals can make errors or commit negligent acts which can harm patients, which can result in costly medical bills due to treatment and/or ongoing care. If a brain injury is not treated properly, it can lead to further health complications.   

The types of medical errors that commonly result in brain injuries include the following: 

Delayed Treatment

Patients who do not receive proper treatment in time can suffer a traumatic brain injury. People who suffer strokes, concussions and other injuries need to be treated right away otherwise their injury can worsen. 

Surgical Errors

Errors made before, during or after surgery can result in a brain injury. They can occur due to a number of scenarios, such as when medical instruments are left in a patient during an operation or if an incision is made on the wrong part of the body.

Anesthesia Errors

Similarly related to surgical errors, anesthesia errors occur when a patient is not given the correct dosage of anesthetic, which is administered before surgery. Anesthesia errors often result in significant or irreversible brain damage. 

Medication Errors

Patients who are given the wrong medication or are prescribed the wrong dosage can experience a brain injury. If the wrong medications are mixed or if a patient with a particular health condition takes a medication that is not appropriate for them, they can suffer severe side effects. 

Failure to monitor oxygen levels

A lack of oxygen being delivered to the brain can lead to a condition known as hypoxia. Doctors and medical staff must always monitor a patient’s oxygen levels to ensure that their oxygen levels are sufficient. If they fail to notice that a patient is not receiving enough oxygen, they can be held liable for negligence. 

The impact of a traumatic brain injury can put a lot of financial and emotional stress on a patient and their family. You may be eligible to obtain compensation for damages if your brain injury was caused by the negligence of a medical professional or hospital. 

As a brain injury lawyer like one from the Law Office of Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. can inform you, patients who have suffered injuries because of a hospital or medical professional’s negligence can file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Contact a top brain injury lawyer for a consultation today.