A truck accident is often much more serious than a car accident, leaving victims with terrible injuries. Injuries after a truck accident are particularly devastating because of the sheer impact due to the weight and size of a commercial truck. If you have sustained injuries after a truck accident, you can seek help from a truck accident lawyer like one from Waterman Law Centers, PLLC

Distracted Driving

It takes a few seconds of distracted driving to cause an accident. Many accidents occur because drivers are not fully focused on the road. They may be trying to reach an object in the vehicle, eating food, or looking on their phone. Some drivers may try to justify their behavior by arguing that they can still pay attention to the road. However, too often attempting to multitask while driving leads to accidents.

Failure to Observe Traffic Signs

The failure to pay attention to posted traffic signs is a common cause of truck accidents. Driving past the posted speed limit and not stopping at intersections can lead to accidents. Trucks take up a lot of space and take longer to slow down, so truck drivers have to be especially mindful of the traffic signs so they know when to slow down and don’t strike other vehicles.

Impaired Driving

A leading cause of truck accidents is impaired driving. Truck drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol put themselves and everyone else at risk. Impaired driving leads to many fatalities each year. Even truck drivers who have a minimal amount of alcohol can risk crashing and causing their cargo to spill on the road. 

Sleepiness or Fatigue

Because of their long hours driving across multiple cities, truck drivers are more prone to sleepiness and fatigue. Micro sleep occurs when a driver who has only a minimal amount of sleep all of a sudden falls asleep on the road. 

Minimal Experience

A commercial truck requires special skill and extensive driving experience to properly handle. Their size and weight due to the large amount of cargo makes them highly difficult to control, even for drivers with years of experience. If a truck driver lacks the basic knowledge to drive a truck, accidents can occur. 

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If you have sustained injuries after a truck accident caused by a negligent driver, seek legal help today. Consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer so you can get the guidance you need to file a claim.

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