Unfortunately, not everyone drives safely on the roadway. When people are reckless or negligent, it can cause harm to others if a collision happens. Innocent people can suddenly be left with serious injury and property damage that they would not have had to deal with if everyone drove safely. At Barry P. Goldberg we have helped so many people just like you who are dealing with physical injury and financial loss after a car accident. Insurance companies and other parties are not always prioritizing what is in the best interest of injured people. Too often claimants are taken advantage of because they don’t know what their claim is actually worth. For this reason, our Chatsworth, CA car accident lawyer always suggests getting help from a legal team so that you can maximize on how much compensation you receive. If you would like more information or assistance, contact us today. 

Injuries After A Car Crash

There are so many injuries that someone can sustain from a car accident. Even the most minor collision can cause conditions such as whiplash, where the head and neck is rapidly jolted forward and backward past its normal extension. Other types of injuries can be broken bones, sprains and strains, burns, traumatic head injuries, cuts and bruises, organ damage, and much more. Our knowledgeable car accident attorney always advises getting medical attention after a car accident, even if there are not any symptoms related to injuries yet. What can happen is that in the days or weeks after the collision, you will start to notice aches and pains in certain areas of your body. Injury symptoms can be delayed when it comes to car accidents because people are often in a state of fight or flight and may not feel the extent of their injuries at that moment. Another reason for getting medical attention after a car accident is if you need to pursue compensation for your losses, having medical documentation that reflects your injuries will support your claims. Having proof to support your claims can help the outcome be more in your favor and maximize on how much compensation you receive. If you have questions about this, please contact our office as soon as you can. 

Barry P. Goldberg

Being in a car accident can cause financial loss, physical injury, and property damage. If this is a situation you or a loved one is currently in, then chances are you were overwhelmed at the tasks at hand. You may need to speak with insurance companies, undergo treatments, miss out on work in order to recover, and figure out how to get your vehicle repaired or replaced. At Barry P. Goldberg, we understand that this is a difficult time and can use our legal knowledge to help you get the most repayment possible based on what you have been through. All too often insurance companies take advantage of unknowing victims who are not aware of how much they are rightfully owed. Please reach out today for consultation so we can learn more about what has happened and then offer individualized guidance.