Lyft Accident Lawyer Simi Valley CA

Vehicle Rollovers Lawyer Woodland Hills, CAAs a Simi Valley CA Lyft accident lawyer has explained to clients in the past, all Lyft drivers must carry insurance policies for their cars. It’s important that they have two separate types of insurance policies, one for when operating the Lyft app and one for when they are not. A Lyft driver who does not have a personal insurance policy on their car will be offered the opportunity to buy one through Lyft. Because Lyft does not list its drivers as employees, they do not have to absorb responsibility for collisions that happen. However, Lyft can be found at least partially liable for an accident if their driver was using the app at the time of the crash. Because of how complicated rideshare accidents can be, we encourage people to reach out to us directly at Barry P. Goldberg for further assistance.

Common Lyft Accident Injuries

Cars move at a fast pace, and a Lyft driver may be speedy in order to get you to your destination as quickly as possible. But unfortunately, that means you are at risk of being involved in a serious accident. When this happens, common Lyft accident injuries tend to include lacerations, broken bones, punctured lungs, whiplash, loss of limbs, mental trauma, and more. Serious injuries like these necessitate immediate medical treatment and ongoing recovery. Victims of a Lyft accident may find themselves with a pile of bills that they cannot pay, and shouldn’t because a rideshare driver was being reckless. If you were injured in a rideshare collision, please call a Simi Valley Lyft accident lawyer right away.

Pursuing Compensation

If you have been in a Lyft accident, you may not know what to do next. Do you sue the rideshare driver? Do you contact Lyft about compensation for medical bills, property damages, and other losses? These are questions that your lawyer can answer for you. We know that being in a rideshare accident specifically comes along with more nuances than other types of collisions. This is because there is the added party of a rideshare company that you may have to consider. Lyft provides compensation to accident victims but this doesn’t mean receiving it is easy. Many claimants find that Lyft either doesn’t respond to their claim or they are not offered fair payment that fully covers their damages and losses. If this sounds like a situation you are in, please call us as soon as you can. During your consultation, bring with you any and all evidence related to the crash, as this will help us advise you on what to do next.

Call Barry P. Goldberg

We know that people who were injured in accidents tend to suffer physically and financially. When someone is responsible for an injury accident, it is recommended that they contact a reputable Simi Valley Lyft accident lawyer within the days after. The team at Barry P. Goldberg knows how to come to the aid of victims and advocate for their recovery. If you were seriously harmed in a Lyft collision, we are ready to take your call.