Due to the complex nature of rear end collisions, it’s important to have a San Fernando Valley rear end accident lawyer oversee your case. Our team at Barry P. Goldberg understands that car collisions can be a major inconvenience and may lead to injuries that have lasting consequences on your health. Just know that having a legal team stand by you means that you are in a better position to receive maximum compensation for how you have suffered. Rear end collisions in particular can be difficult to conclude fault for, and we do not want you to be falsely blamed, so please reach out as soon as you can so we can start working on your behalf. 

Liability In Rear-End Accidents

Usually, the driver approaching from behind in a car accident is deemed at fault. That is because it is their duty to stay a safe distance behind other cars to prevent a collision from happening. But, as a San Fernando Valley rear end accident lawyer explains, there are times when the front driver can be found liable for a rear-end accident, such as if any of the following factors are present: 

  • The driver in front was intoxicated
  • The front car was in reverse and backed into the car behind them
  • The front car was purposefully trying to cause a collision
  • The brake lights of the front car were not working properly

If you find yourself in a rear end collision, it is imperative that you call the police, get a medical examination, gather evidence, and exchange information with the other driver. The more proof you have related to the accident, the better your chances are of receiving repayment for your damages and losses. If you have questions about your specific case, contact our team as soon as you are able. 

Damages And Injuries

Rear end collisions can occur in various ways, but oftentimes the liability is with the person who crashed into the vehicle ahead of them. The reasons for rear end accidents tend to include distracted driving, driver fatigue, poor driving conditions, aggressive driving, drunk driving, and tailgating. Those involved in rear end accidents can sustain injuries such as whiplash, broken bones, lacerations, back injuries, neck injuries, brain damage, post traumatic stress disorder, and more. 

Help For Your Accident

In the midst of so much stress and anxiety, just remember that there are legal professionals who are available to assist you. Our team at Barry P. Goldberg is ready to offer support during this very difficult time. Every person deserves to go about their day safely and without injury, but that unfortunately is not what is common in our society. So if you or a loved one was injured due to another’s fault, please contact a San Fernando Valley rear end accident lawyer as soon as you can. We will begin by doing a case evaluation to learn more about your situation, and then can advise further from there. We are prepared to come to your aid today.