Bike Accident Attorney San Fernando Valley, CA

Bike Accident Attorney San Fernando Valley, CANo matter how safely you ride a bike, as a bike accident attorney San Fernando Valley CA residents trust from Barry P. Goldberg knows, at one point or another you may endure a bicycle-related accident. For triathletes, working up the courage to hop back onto their bike again can be tough, especially if they are still healing from physical injuries. Triathletes can seek support from professional trainers for advice on how to get mentally and physically ready for their next race. 

Take it Easy on Yourself

When working up to getting back on a bike, triathletes must be gentle with both their body and mind. Sometimes, a triathlete focuses too much on relaxing and overcoming fears that they just get frustrated with themselves. Being hard on yourself mentally can lead to further discouragement and cause doubts to grow even larger. Part of the recovery process is learning how to manage the anxiety that comes along with getting back onto two wheels again. If you are struggling with your mental health after the accident, let your attorney know so they can ensure you get the support you need.

Start with Smaller Goals

Before starting bike workouts again, write down smaller goals. Focus on achieving attainable goals based on your physical health now, not according to your level of fitness prior to the bike accident. You could cause further injury if you overexert yourself, and this can set you back even farther. For instance, a small goal could be to ride with a friend at a relaxed to moderate pace and then slowly increase to faster speeds in a larger group overtime.

Sign Up for a Shorter Race

Perhaps before your bike accident you were able to complete some of the longest triathlon races. You may want to sign up for races that are much shorter, to build your physical stamina and gain confidence by finishing. Many triathletes may feel they have failed if they are not able to overcome their injury fast enough to dive right back into what they were doing before. However, to help decrease the chances of sustaining an injury again in the future it is important to slowly work your way back up to performing longer races. Keep in mind that if you take legal action against the driver who hit you, and you try to get back into races too soon, this may work against your favor in the outcome of your personal injury claim. It may be best to wait until your case is closed and you are back to sound health again.

Talk Openly About Fears

Talk with your San Fernando Valley bike accident attorney about the fears you have related to getting back onto a bike again. Your lawyer can address any concerns and guide you through the process of seeking restitution for your injuries and damages. Keeping fears inside can wear away at motivation and cause doubts to creep up. A triathlete may never feel the exact same as they had prior to the bike accident, but it’s about persistence over perfection. 

Common Ways Bicycle Accidents Happen

As a bike accident attorney San Fernando Valley CA residents trust can tell you, it may be necessary to get legal help if you have been injured due to a bicycle accident. Cyclists and drivers have to share the road responsibly, but accidents can happen when you least expect them to. Sadly, over 1,000 bicycle-related fatalities occur each year in the U.S., and many accidents are preventable. There are many people who are negligent, and it can cause an accident. Because cyclists are much smaller and slower than vehicles, it can make other drivers impatient and frustrated whenever they encounter them. Some of the most common causes of bicycle accidents are described below.

Backing Out of a Parking Space

One of the most common ways that bike accidents happen is when a person is backing out of a driveway or parking space. When a driver is backing out, they need to slowly and carefully look in all directions so they can avoid striking a pedestrian, cyclists and other vehicles. Because bicycles are much smaller, they can be hard to see. Unfortunately, many people are in a hurry and they fail to see cyclists behind them. Even if you believe that there are no other people around you, always check your surroundings whenever you are backing your vehicle out of a spot. 

Excessive speeding

Cyclists can only go so fast, so drivers are responsible for slowing down and driving safely whenever they are near cyclists. As a San Fernando Valley bike accident attorney knows, the speed limit in residential areas and near schools is only 25 miles per hour. Drivers need to drive at a safe speed so that they can anticipate any cyclists or pedestrians who may be crossing the street. If they are driving too fast, they will not be able to avoid colliding with them in time. 

Low Visibility

Another reason that many bike accidents happen is low visibility. Poor weather conditions like rain or fog can play a big role because it can obscure cyclists or introduce road hazards. It can be hard for other people to see cyclists. If you are riding a bike, make sure that you are wearing the right clothes. Wear bright or reflective clothing, accessories, and attach a light to your bike so that you can be easily seen by other people and drivers. 

Road Rage 

Because drivers are much faster than bicycles, it is common for drivers to quickly get impatient around other cyclists. They may be frustrated or angry that they are suddenly stuck behind a bicycle and are forced to move around them. Another reason for road rage is miscommunication. A cyclist may use hand signals and a driver may not see or understand them. This can lead to road rage incidents that result in a cyclist suffering injuries. If you have suffered any injuries in a bicycle-related accident that was no fault of your own, be sure to reach out to a skilled San Fernando Valley bike accident attorney so that you can explore legal options. 

If you or someone you care about was the victim in a bike accident, who may be a triathlete trying to get back onto their feet, consider contacting our San Fernando attorney bike accident team at Barry P. Goldberg to learn more about compensation eligibility from the driver at-fault.