If you have recently been injured in a car crash, then we suggest speaking with a San Fernando Valley auto accident lawyer about gathering evidence to support your case. In the aftermath of a collision, emphasis will be on who is at fault, which then determines who should pay for the injury and property damage of others involved. If you do not have enough evidence that shows the other driver is responsible, it can make it more difficult to maximize your compensation amount. But keep in mind that even if you are partially at fault, that doesn’t mean you have zero eligibility for compensation. What would happen is your amount would be subtracted by the percentage you were deemed responsible. So all in all, it’s worth contacting a team member at Barry P. Goldberg about your situation.

Photographic Evidence

As they say, pictures speak thousands of words, so having visual evidence is often a focus when it comes to determining fault. Hopefully, you were able to take pictures of the entire scene, street signs, damage to all vehicles, visible injuries, road conditions, debri in the street, and anything else that felt relevant at the time. The more visual evidence you have, the harder it will be for opposing parties to doubt your claims. The only exception to this type of evidence would be if you were so seriously injured that you had to be rushed to the hospital and were not physically able to gather evidence. Then a San Fernando Valley auto accident lawyer can use your medical documentation and other evidence to support your case. 

Police Report

By calling 911, you not only get medical attention right away, but an officer can file a report at the scene. Within this document will have facts pertaining to the accident, which can be useful in assessing fault. The police report will likely have details related to what happened moments before, during, and after the crash. The officer will probably have noted the severity of property damage and physical injury. So obtaining a copy of this report will be important. If you are not sure where to get a copy of this document, reach out to our legal team today so we can find out for you. 

Get Legal Support

There are other types of evidence to gather after a car accident aside from what is listed above, such as witness statements, articles of clothing, entries from an injury journal, and more. The last thing we want to happen is for you to be wrongfully blamed for an accident you did not cause. So having enough evidence to support your claims is essential. All too often people are taken advantage of during the claims process, but you can trust a San Fernando Valley auto accident lawyer to protect you while advocating for your best interests. If you want help today, our team at Barry P. Goldberg is only a phone call or email away.