Brain Injury Lawyer San Fernando Valley CA

Brain Injury Lawyer San Fernando Valley CA - Head Pain conceptIf you are in need of a brain injury lawyer San Fernando Valley CA residents trust to recover their losses and protect their legal rights, you should take action quickly. Brain injuries are one of the most traumatic injuries anyone can experience. Recovery following a brain injury can take many months or even years for especially severe cases. It is possible to recover compensation if you have suffered a brain injury, especially if you obtain legal services from a qualified lawyer like one at Barry P. Goldberg. Learn more about how you can get help by requesting a consultation now.  

Common Types of Brain Injuries

There are many types of brain injuries that many people suffer from. A brain injury can have a tremendous impact on health and quality of life, affecting a person’s motor skills, cognitive function, and ability to interact with family, friends and other people. Accidents that occur as a result of medical malpractice or car accidents are some of the most common causes of brain injuries. 

A brain injury can develop as a result of blunt or sharp trauma to the head, bleeding in the brain, or lack of oxygen being delivered to the brain. They can vary in severity, but even a mild injury can result in a significant loss of motor and cognitive skills. Some of the most common brain injuries that many victims suffer from include:

  • Hematoma
  • Brain hemorrhage 
  • Traumatic brain injury 
  • Aneurysm
  • Stroke
  • Encephalitis

Damages You Can Recover

When you go to a lawyer they will explain possible damages you can recover. These damages include medical bills, missed wages, loss of future earnings, pain and suffering, and other types of economic and non-economic damages you may be eligible for. You can rely on a qualified lawyer to do a calculation of the damages so that they are accurate. It is critical to find out information about your damages early so that a lawyer can work to obtain the highest possible amount you are entitled to recover. 

Ways a Lawyer Can Help You

A skilled San Fernando Valley brain injury lawyer will investigate to determine if your brain injury was a result of negligence. They will do a full case assessment by asking you questions about the symptoms you are experiencing, and how long you have been suffering from them. For many cases, a brain injury is incredibly difficult to fight because of the many legal complexities involved. If your injury was a result of medical malpractice for instance, it is likely the hospital has experience fighting lawsuits, so they will be prepared with their own legal team. You need to hire an especially experienced and skilled lawyer if you hope to obtain the best possible outcome. 

Legal Help is Available 

If you would like to understand your legal options for obtaining compensation for a brain injury, it may be in your best interests to request a consultation with a competent and experienced lawyer like one at Barry P. Goldberg now. There is limited time to act. Schedule a risk-free consultation with a qualified San Fernando Valley brain injury lawyer to understand your options.