How do the Injury Law Professionals Demonstrate Legal Facts and Build Your Personal Injury Case?

Whether it’s a mediation early in a case, or later, at trial, Woodland Hills Personal Injury Attorney Barry P. Goldberg does more than carry a whiteboard and marker. A dynamic blending of legal expertise, personal communication skills, and the latest visual technologies acts as a powerful asset in today’s fast-changing legal environment. Powerful and creative visual displays of facts and evidence bring home the reality of injuries and their medical, emotional, and financial impacts. These are hallmarks of Barry’s legal strategy. Our use of compelling graphics make a difference in obtaining fair compensation for our clients.

Below are just some of the graphics The Injury Law Professionals have used in court.

More often than ever before, accidents of all kinds are caught on security and surveillance video. We know how to obtain that video from the right sources as soon as possible—before the evidence is destroyed or overwritten. A video actually showing the accident provides unquestionable proof that often justifies a larger settlement to our clients. In addition, video eliminates doubts as to the timing and mechanics of an accident and can virtually establish liability.

The Injury Law Professionals have been successful in video enhancement and changing video into uniform formats for use as a settlement tool or an exhibit at trial. We have obtained and used video from

  • a large home improvement store looking out over a parking lot
  • a loading dock at a shipping company
  • a clothing store looking out at an intersection
  • a gasoline station.

More and more depositions are being recorded for use at trial along with “day in the life” videos. Jurors have come to expect visual presentations as opposed to dry testimony and boring documents. Our legal team knows and understands these realities and uses presentations to maximize recovery for our clients.

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