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Woodland Hills Personal Injury Lawyer

As a personal injury lawyer Woodland Hills, CA relies on Barry P. Goldberg knows, that getting into a personal injury accident and suffering from a pre-existing condition can not only make your experience more painful but can make it more complicated as well. Unfortunately, if you were in an accident and were already suffering from an injury (whether it is a chronic injury like arthritis or an acute injury like a twisted ankle from playing football), this can make insurance agents less than encouraging when it comes to working with you on your injury claim. One of the best things you can do in this situation is work with a lawyer who specializes in personal injury claims and who knows how to handle cases when existing injuries are present. Reach out to the office of Barry P. Goldberg for more information on your claim. 

Am I automatically excluded from receiving compensation? 

You may be fearful that with a pre-existing condition you will be excluded from receiving a fair amount of compensation for the accident. This can feel devastating, especially after someone else’s negligence caused you to become injured. However, it is important to speak with the doctor you see after your accident, as well as your Woodland Hills, California personal injury lawyer, to discuss the type of pre-existing condition you had and what kinds of injuries stemmed directly from the accident. Having a pre-existing condition does not preclude you from receiving the damages you deserve after an accident. 

Should I just ignore any additional pain from my pre-existing condition? 

It is easy, then, to believe that if you are dealing with more pain from your pre-existing condition that this should not come into play for your claim. However, you can still file a claim for damages when someone else caused you to become injured with new injuries and when they caused a pre-existing condition to be worse. If you have been seeking medical care for your pre-existing condition and have records of how it was improving or what treatment you received for it, your lawyer may be able to show how the injury was improving (or at least that it was not getting worse). Then, they can use your medical records after the accident to show how it affected your injury and how you would need further treatment or therapy to help. It is important to understand that while you can still receive damages for this, it will not be as cut-and-dried as receiving damages for an injury that stemmed directly from the accident. 

Who can I turn to for help? 

Given the complications that arise from getting into a personal injury accident and suffering from a pre-existing condition, it is important to work with a lawyer you can rely on throughout your claim. Reach out to the team at Barry P. Goldberg to speak with us about setting up a consultation. Our personal injury lawyer in Woodland Hills, California is here to help you throughout the legal process.