Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Northridge, CA

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer San Fernando Valley CAMotorcycle accidents can be overwhelming and traumatic to go through, leaving injured riders in need of support from a Northridge, CA motorcycle accident lawyer. If you were recently in a crash and are unsure of what you should do next in the aftermath of it all, please contact us.

Knowing what steps to take after a crash can help preserve evidence, protect your rights, and strengthen your injury claim. It helps to have the team at Barry P. Goldberg walk you through this process, so that you get the most compensation possible based on what you endured. For a consultation, do not hesitate to reach out today.

Call 911 and Assess Injuries

The most important step after a motorcycle crash is to assess yourself for serious injuries and of those involved in the collision. Safety is the first priority, so check yourself for injury. Examine yourself and observe where you feel pain, discomfort, tightness, numbness, tingling, or any other symptoms. Call 911 right away, even if you do not know if you are injured yet, and wait for an ambulance to arrive. An officer will also show up at the scene to take a report of what happened, which you can get a copy of and use as evidence in your personal injury claim. The report will have factual information about the accident and can be helpful in showing who was at fault for the collision.

Gather Evidence

While still at the scene, get as much evidence as possible to support your side of the story. This may include taking pictures and video of the scene, damage to your motorcycle, damage to other vehicles, visible injuries, and relevant traffic signs or road conditions. Try to get contact details from witnesses who were there and saw the accident unfold. Their statements can be invaluable to your case, showing how the other driver was responsible. Get the driver’s name, license number, insurance, vehicle registration, form of contact, and current address. Note the date, location, and time of the accident, in addition to any lighting conditions or weather that is worth mentioning. If you were ushered to the hospital and unable to gather evidence because of critical injuries, let your Northridge motorcycle accident lawyer know as soon as possible.

Contact a Lawyer Now

At Barry P. Goldberg, we know that the impacts of a motorcycle accident can last much longer than that day. Not only were you part of a traumatic event, but you likely sustained serious injuries that will now affect you in the long term. We urge you to contact a lawyer if you are in need of compensation. We strongly suggest having a Northridge motorcycle accident lawyer represent you and guide you along the way so that you are not taken advantage of by the driver’s insurance company or other parties that do not have your best interest at heart. We can handle the paperwork and legal side of things so that you have the time and energy to focus on your health. For fair restitution and protection, call our law firm today.