Motorcycle Accident Lawyer In Chatsworth, CA 

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Chatsworth, CA If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle crash as either the motorcyclist, motorcycle passenger, or as an occupant of another vehicle, you might wonder what steps you should take next. Compared to accidents involving passenger vehicles, accidents involving motorcycles are remarkably more dangerous. Motorcyclists and their passengers were 27 times more likely than occupants of passenger vehicles to die as a result of a motor vehicle crash in 2017. In that same year, an estimated 89,000 people were injured as a result of motorcycle accidents. Many of those injured can face high medical costs, time spent away from work, a lengthy recovery, and pain that will sometimes remain with them for the rest of their lives. It is therefore particularly important to seek the experienced counsel of a Chatsworth, California motorcycle accident lawyer from Barry P. Goldberg, A Professional Law Corporation in the aftermath of this kind of accident. Because motorcycle accidents are more dangerous than other kinds of accidents, it’s highly likely that you’ll need to explore your legal options, simply to ensure that your medical bills are taken care of and that you obtain any other compensation you’re entitled to as you take time off to recover from your collision. An experienced Chatsworth, CA motorcycle accident lawyer can help you to navigate this process as successfully as possible. 

When should I seek medical treatment?

Even if you feel fine immediately following the motorcycle crash, pain from your injuries can sometimes begin days afterward. You should always seek medical treatment as soon as you can after being involved in a motorcycle accident. Make an appointment with your primary care physician, and if you are in pain don’t hesitate to visit the emergency room. Your health should be your number one priority at this time, so don’t hesitate to seek medical assistance even if you’re unsure of whether or not you’re injured. Speaking with a Chatsworth, CA motorcycle accident lawyer can wait until after your wellbeing has been evaluated. 


After your motorcycle accident, try and obtain the following list of information:

  • The police officer’s name, badge number, and the police report number
  • The other party’s full name, contact information, and insurance information
  • The make, model, license plate number, and VIN number of all vehicles involved
  • Names and contact information for any witnesses to the accident

In addition, be sure to take multiple photos of the motorcycle and of all other vehicles involved, if you can. If you’re not in a position to gather this information, your Chatsworth, CA motorcycle accident lawyer will ensure that all relevant information is collected as soon as possible. 

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Insurance adjusters may try to pressure you into quickly accepting a settlement that won’t even come close to covering your medical expenses, let alone compensate you for your pain and suffering. Dealing with the insurance companies involved in a motorcycle crash can be a daunting task. The best move is to speak with a Chatsworth, CA motorcycle accident lawyer who will negotiate with your insurer and the other party’s insurance company on your behalf to maximize your recovery.