Meeting with an East Los Angeles police pursuit accident lawyer may be something that you do not want to do if you have recently been injured due to a police chase. Whether you were inside a vehicle or did not have anything to do with the chase at all, you may be able to recover compensation if you have suffered injuries. You may be worried about the cost and time it takes to have your issue settled. While going to see a lawyer does involve expenses, it may be worth the time and money to see one so that you can find the right solution for your problem. Many people who do decide to contact a lawyer about their issues end up reaching excellent case outcomes, such as avoiding critical mistakes and maximizing their settlement. It is best to have all of your questions answered with the help of a knowledgeable lawyer like one from Barry P. Goldberg who is willing to serve as your advocate. 

Injuries From Police Pursuits

There are many types of injuries that victims involved in a police chase can suffer. Vehicle accidents can inflict a lot of trauma on the body. When vehicles travel at high speeds, it can result in serious injuries such as broken bones, internal bleeding, lacerations and bruises. In other cases, spinal cord injuries and head injuries can occur. In addition to the person who is being chased by police officers, innocent bystanders such as pedestrians and other passersby not involved in the chase can also suffer injuries. Police have a responsibility to act carefully and ensure other people’s safety even when they are pursuing a suspect. If you have been injured as a result of a police pursuit, do not wait to contact an East Los Angeles police pursuit accident lawyer for legal help. 

Damages Victims Can Seek 

Victims of police pursuits may be able to recover damages that include economic and non-economic losses. This includes medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, lost or destroyed property, mental anguish, and many other types of damages. In order to maximize the damages that you can recoup, you will need to have a strong body of evidence to back up your case. If you are in need of assistance calculating your damages, you can turn to a lawyer who will make sure that your compensation amount is fair and reflects the total amount of losses that you have suffered. 

Legal Help Is Available 

While seeking legal help after suffering injuries from a police pursuit can be challenging,it is an important step to take. There is only limited time to obtain the assistance of a lawyer, so do not wait too long to speak to one. You may be able to improve the outcome you can obtain, and your outcome may be better than what you are expecting. Learn about what your full legal options are by meeting with a qualified East Los Angeles police pursuit accident lawyer like one from Barry P. Goldberg who has experience helping police pursuit accident victims and is ready to provide you the legal help that you deserve so that you can overcome your legal problems.