Do Potholes Cause Car Accidents?Do Potholes Cause Car Accidents?

Potholes can be so severe that they cause accidents resulting in injuries that require the help of a car accident lawyer to seek fair compensation for damages. At Barry P. Goldberg we help victims who were injured in all manner of ways, with their commonality being that their injury was caused by another party’s negligence or carelessness.

Potholes can be a serious matter, as many injured motorists can attest. However, it is often a confusing matter when these victims try to recover their damages because they may not know who could be held responsible. Our Tarzana, CA car accident lawyer may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve to pay for the medical treatment and other costs associated with your injury. Call us today to learn more during a free case review with our car accident lawyer.

The Danger of Potholes and Road Debris

A small pothole is often not much more than a minor annoyance and a driver can continue on their way without incident. However, a large pothole is a different matter. Regardless of where the pothole is located, it can be a danger to all of the drivers in the vicinity. This is because when a driver tries to avoid that pothole, they may inadvertently drift into another lane, or even into oncoming traffic. This can put another driver into harm’s way. If this describes what happened to you, contact our car accident lawyer.

In addition to naming the other driver as a negligent party, it may be possible to name the entity responsible for maintaining that road’s safety as another at-fault party. Whether it was a pothole or road debris that led to the accident, the municipality or other government agency that is tasked for keeping that road safe might have been negligent and can possibly be held accountable for your damages. Our car accident lawyer can determine which party or parties should be named as defendants in personal injury claims or lawsuits, depending on which legal avenue you choose to take.

Common Accident Scenarios Involving Potholes

A car accident can happen in any number of ways, and the same is true when it involves a pothole. You may benefit from contacting a car accident lawyer from our firm if any of the following scenarios describes what happened to you:

  •         Another vehicle, in the act of avoiding a pothole, enters your lane and collides with you. That driver and the government entity responsible for maintaining that road could both be held responsible for your damages.
  •         A pothole caused you to lose control of your vehicle when your vehicle entered the pothole and your vehicle crashed into another vehicle, an object such as a guardrail, or rolled. The government entity responsible for maintaining that road could be held responsible for your damages.
  •         A vehicle that went out of control after hitting a pothole caused a chain reaction series of collisions that involved your vehicle. After a careful review of the details of the accident, your car accident lawyer can determine if any of the other drivers in addition to the government entity responsible for maintaining that road could be held responsible for your damages.

If you suffered one or more severe injuries as a result of poor road maintenance, contact Barry P. Goldberg and request a free consultation with our car accident lawyer Tarzana, CA clients trust.