I was a victim of a hit-and-run, DUI accident. No fun. The driver was high on drugs and alcohol, hit me from behind and I was loading groceries in the trunk of a car. I was hit so that both of my legs were completely shattered and broken. I lie there in the street bleeding out, then an ambulance took me to the trauma center here in the valley. After about four weeks or so in the trauma center, I was allowed to go home and heal up. Right now, I’ve got one external fixator on my right leg, getting ready for another surgery. When we got home, our job and our most stressful situation was trying to locate a good personal injury attorney. This is possibly the most stressful things you can ever hope to do. You’re hoping to get a settlement, to pay your medical bills etc., pain and suffering. You’re talking to attorneys who are running big commercials on television and online. They’ll put incredible pressure on you, they will try to get you to sign contracts when you haven’t even met them yet. So, all of this boils down to now you’re under more stress, not just physical stress of being hurt in the accident but now you can’t sleep at night because you don’t know what’s going to happen. You don’t know if you’re going to get a settlement or an attorney to do the job correctly. So, I thought I would do this video as a pay it forward for anybody out there that might be looking for a personal injury, a good one an honest one. Someone that will do what he says he’s going to do. We probably talked to over twenty personal injury attorneys and my god they’re horrible. Pressure you, calling you night and day trying to get you to sign contracts, you have to resist that temptation because you’ll probably end up with 20% of your total settlement and they’ll take 80%. I am sure even though they say otherwise. Accidentally we found one, Barry P Goldberg in Woodland Hills. Barry was unlike all the others, we contacted him, and he offered to come over. And I’ve never heard of an attorney doing house calls. He actually came over himself, the big kahuna! Barry was straight forward, an honest guy, you can tell. He came in shook my hand, looked me straight in the eye and explained the whole process to me, answered all my questions. Barry was eminently qualified for many years in personal injury and also, he is the current, president of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association, so you know he holds himself to a higher standard. Barry is a good-hearted man and he’s honest. Again, this video is not a commercial, it’s not a testimonial, I’m not being compensated for doing this. I am doing this to help others find him because he does not run big TV commercial. He does not run wholesale ads online on google and Facebook. He doesn’t do any of these things. So, He needs to be found by people who are sincerely looking for a good man and an honest guy. He got us our money in a very short amount of time, I think it was about a month or so. He took less than 30%. He got us a lot more than we had hoped for. So, he won, every box he checked he is an amazing guy. Were still friends, you can see you know I’m still ready to go back for surgeries, to the trauma center, and get the rest done. But now we can sleep at night, the money is in our bank account, we got our settlement. We got more than we thought, and Barry P Goldberg is the guy. Give him a call.