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Not every car accident attorney in Canoga Park, California will take every case that is presented to them, and there are several reasons why this may occur. When you present your case to a car accident attorney at Barry P. Goldberg a Law Corporation during the initial consultation, you will gain a clearer understanding of how your claim is perceived. If it does not meet the criteria and standards that our firm has set, you will have the information you need to make informed decisions about how to proceed. We welcome you to contact us for a complimentary consultation with an experienced car accident attorney from our legal team.

Here are some of the most common reasons why a Canoga Park CA car accident attorney may decline when offered a case by a potential new client:

  •         Lack of clear proof of liability. Car accidents are not always black and white when it comes to understanding who was at fault. A car accident attorney must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that their client was injured through the direct actions of someone else, whether that person acted intentionally or unintentionally. Without that proof, the cost, trouble, and the time required to follow through with a claim may be too prohibitive for a law firm to pursue.
  •         The nature and severity of the injury are not significant. The physical and emotional injuries sustained by the victim must be substantial before a car accident attorney will be willing to dedicate costly resources to a case. Because most car accident attorneys do not charge upfront, rather, they retain a percentage of the settlement or jury award after the claim or court case has included. A small settlement yields a small percentage and will not attract the attention of an experienced car accident attorney.
  •         The potential client will choose a car accident attorney in Canoga Park CA only on the basis of how much compensation the lawyer believes the claim may be worth. It’s very difficult to pinpoint an exact dollar figure without careful review of the victim’s damages, medical records, the at-fault party’s insurance coverage, and much more. If the victim demands an on-the-spot valuation of their case, the car accident attorney may decline to represent them.
  •         The costs to pursue a claim on behalf of a client outweigh the compensation that the car accident attorney will likely earn when the claim is settled. A law firm that is unable to pay its bills is just as vulnerable to shutting down like any other type of company. In addition to considering all of the costs that may be required to represent the victim, the auto accident attorney Canoga Park CA offers must also consider how much medical and other insurance the victim has available to them. If their injuries are so significant that their medical providers will receive a substantial amount of the settlement, there may not be much left over for the car accident attorney.

 If you would like to get feedback on the strength of your claim, contact Barry P. Goldberg a Law Corporation to speak with our car accident attorney Canoga Park CA clients recommend during a free case review.