Biking Accident Lawyer Woodland Hills, CA

Biking Accident Lawyer Woodland Hills, CAWith the popularity of bike riding, many people ask the question, “Does auto insurance cover a bicycle collision?” Depending on your policy, it is likely that your California automobile insurance does cover a rider involved in a bicycle accident. There are a few questions that can help you determine whether or not your insurance will cover a bike crash. A Woodland Hills, CA biking accident lawyer can evaluate your situation to determine how you can recover damages. 

When You Are Hit While Riding a Bicycle

If you were injured while riding a bicycle, you might be covered under your automobile policy.

Where Any Vehicles Involved?

The first criterion to be covered by your auto policy is whether or not a vehicle was involved. As long as it is, you are covered whether you are on a bike, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), motorcycle, in a car or on foot. If you are hit by another bicycle while riding, that will not be covered under your automobile policy. A Woodland Hills, CA biking accident lawyer can still help you possibly recover damages from the bicyclist that hit you. 

Do You Have Personal Injury Protection?

The second criterion is to have personal injury protection (PIP) or medical payments (Med Pay) on your policy. This coverage pays for medical costs due to injuries sustained in an auto accident regardless of who is at fault for the accident. If you are at fault, your auto policy will not cover your bicycle or helmet. If the other driver is at fault, you may also recover damages due to injury and loss of personal property.

Is the Bicycle Rider Listed on the Policy?

If you are covered by someone else’s auto policy, such as a parent, as long as you are listed as a covered individual on the policy, it should cover you just as if it were your policy. A Woodland Hills, CA biking accident lawyer can evaluate the situation to determine which policy you are covered by. 

When You Hit a Bicyclist While Driving

If you are involved in an accident where the vehicle you are driving hits a bicyclist, and you are at fault, your liability coverage must pay for all damages. Reimbursable damages could include medical bills, if the person was injured, and replacing the bicycle and safety gear. If you were not at fault and the bicycle rider tries to file a claim, it will be denied. The rider will be responsible for paying his or her own medical bills.

If you have been involved in an accident with a bicyclist or as a rider of a bicycle colliding with a vehicle, contact a licensed attorney today. A Woodland Hills motorcycle accident lawyer experienced in bicycle accidents can help advise you of your rights under the law, as well as the damages that you are entitled to. 

If you have been injured in a bike accident, contact a biking accident lawyer Woodland Hills, CA residents recommend from Barry P. Goldberg can help.