Bike Accident Lawyer Tarzana, CA Bike Accident Lawyer Tarzana, CA

If you have experienced an injury from a bike accident, one of your first steps may be to contact a bike accident lawyer Tarzana, CA victims turn to in their time of need. Injuries from such an accident can be incredibly devastating, leaving victims to deal with the aftermath. In some cases, such injuries can be so significant that the results can be disastrous and even life-altering. When left to experience something so tragic, you must take the time to search for an experienced lawyer in your area. For the help that you need, contact Barry P. Goldberg, a Tarzana, California bike accident lawyer who is prepared to keep your rights at the forefront. 

What if a Cyclist Is Partially to Blame for their Injuries?

It’s important to understand that, if you were injured in an accident in California, you may be entitled to financial compensation even if you were partially to blame for your collision. California employs a legal theory referred to as “comparative negligence” when it comes to assessing financial responsibility for harm suffered by accident victims. Essentially, if you were partially to blame for your accident, you can still hold others responsible for their contributions. However, the overall amount of compensation that you’re eligible to receive as a result of your harm will be reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to you. For example, if your harm is valued at $100,000 and you’re 10 percent to blame for your accident, you’ll remain entitled to seek up to $90,000 from others responsible for your crash.

Note also that if riding your bike was “work-related activity” at the time of your crash, you may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits as a result of the harm you’ve suffered. It’s rare that elsewhere in the U.S. workers’ compensation benefits are tied to bike accidents, but in the temperate California climate, this turn of events is far from unheard of. If you’re unsure of whether your work-related situation qualifies you for this kind of compensation, connect with our experienced Tarzana, CA bike accident lawyer team for clarification.

Why Exploring Your Legal Options Now Is So Important

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, connect with the experienced California legal team at the law firm of Barry P. Goldberg in order to explore your legal options. It can be understandably tempting to wait until you’re feeling better to begin dealing with the legal realities of your situation. However, the strength of your case and your ability to recover the maximum amount of compensation to which you would otherwise be entitled can become compromised if you wait to meet with an attorney until days, weeks, or months after your accident.

Most personal injury cases “turn” on the strength of evidence presented by both sides. Evidence that could bolster your claim may be compromised as the accident scene clears, as memories fade, and as human errors inevitably occur in one form or another. Additionally, the law only gives you so long to file a claim before you’ll be barred from seeking compensation from those responsible for your harm. As a result of these pressing reasons – along with several others – it is critical to schedule a consultation with our firm as soon as you possibly can. You deserve every penny of compensation that you’re owed. Act quickly so that we can help you to protect your rights as an accident victim.

Common Bike Accident Injuries

With nothing to protect a cyclist from the impact of a vehicle, the damages resulting can have a lasting effect on the victim. When the driver was negligent, it may be possible to take legal action. Common injuries victims stand to face following a bicycle accident may include:

  •       Road Rash
  •       Soft Tissue Injuries
  •       Lacerations
  •       Broken Bones
  •       Brain Injuries
  •       Paralysis

Our Tarzana, CA bike accident lawyer knows that the consequences associated with an accident can be far-reaching, which is why it’s essential to take action immediately. Barry P. Goldberg is here for you in your time of need. We can assist you in taking action and ensuring you can put your best foot forward during what may be one of the most challenging times of your life.

Find a Bike Accident Lawyer

Following a bike accident, our Tarzana, CA lawyer stresses the importance of finding an experienced legal professional in your area. It’s crucial that you not choose just anyone to represent you in your case. It will be vital that you take the time to find a lawyer in your area to take your case. Here are some tips for finding a Tarzana, CA bike accident lawyer:

  •       Carefully research lawyers in your area
  •       Speak with people you know for recommendations
  •       Meet with lawyers in person to get a feel for their style
  •       Take the time to carefully prepare for your consultation to make the most of your meeting with them
  •       Ask prospective lawyers of their experience and their track record

We are fully prepared to help you during what may be one of the most challenging times. For the help you deserve and experience you can rely on, contact our Tarzana, CA bike accident lawyer to schedule an appointment today. 

Barry P. Goldberg Can Help!

Physical injuries, pain, and financial losses are all reasons to contact Barry P. Goldberg. Our Tarzana, CA bike accident lawyer is fully prepared to manage your case during what might be one of your most challenging experiences. At Barry P. Goldberg, we pride ourselves upon the services and dedication that we provide to our clients. We can assist by providing you with premier legal services that you can count on. From our bike accident lawyer in Tarzana, CA, you can expect:

  •       An award-winning and experienced lawyer who is prepared to help you with your case
  •       A professional who will keep your best interests at the forefront
  •       Someone who will assist you by protecting your rights and ensuring that your case is properly valued
  •       Help with answering the many legal questions you are likely to have
  •       A support who will listen to your needs and assist you in making the best possible decision for you

Our Tarzana, CA bike accident lawyer knows that facing such an accident can be an especially trying time. If you have fallen victim at the hands of a negligent party, it’s best to make every effort to provide yourself with the proper legal protections. You could be entitled to compensation for the significant losses you are facing. To learn more, contact Barry P. Goldberg, a bike accident lawyer in Tarzana, CA, who is prepared to help you take action today.