Hi my name is Cynthia Beltran and I was very very blessed to find Barry Goldberg Law firm. I was unfortunately I was in a car accident, and it was an uninsured motorist. And I’m just going to give a long story and try to make it very short but I got a lawyer, I retained a lawyer but, the lawyer dropped me shortly after and I was in a panic obviously from the incident. It was one of those hit and runs, thankfully I found Barry, he said don’t worry about a thing, everything is going to be okay and this is what I want to express. A lot of people say that, particularly attorneys but it is a very rare thing to find somebody that actually means it. From the very beginning I felt that Barry was very sincere but throughout the whole process, he would check in on me. Ask “how’re you doing, everything okay, how are you feeling? Cynthia my job is to  make sure that you’re better.” That was so rare, I never heard that from an attorney. I unfortunately was in you know an accident in the past, actually a couple but long past but I never felt that from an accident attorney. H really meant it, when he said are you okay I knew that he meant it. So what I brought here today is just a very very small token of my gratitude to Barry, I would encourage anyone that is watching this, if you have gotten into and accident, you really need someone that’s going to care about you. Barry is the gold standard! He is golden, he is genuine, and that is a very rare thing to find in an attorney. So, I made my own card for Barry because I appreciate him so much and I appreciate his team. Everybody throughout the whole process was so supportive and I just want say another thanks to Barry, Matthew to his whole team, Alejandra, Joana, Genevie. Awesome team, awesome firm. Thank you again Barry!