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If you have been in a car accident and the airbag did not protect you as it should have, you should contact the trusted airbag accident lawyer Woodland Hills, California relies on from Barry P. Goldberg. An airbag is a device that deploys from the steering wheel or dashboard to protect your body from injuries during a collision. When you are in a motor vehicle accident, you know that the airbags are usually built into the front of the vehicle and the sides of the vehicle. Although no one wants to get into a car accident, knowing that there are airbags often makes people feel safer. However, our car crash lawyer Woodland Hills, CA recommends knows that airbags do not always work the way they are supposed to. They may do more harm than good or they may not deploy at the right time. If you have been injured in a car accident and believe that your airbags caused you to be harmed, please contact our reliable Woodland Hills, CA airbag accident lawyer. We want to help you with your claim. 

That is why if you or your loved one has been in an accident and has received an airbag injury, it’s vital that you contact an airbag accident lawyer Woodland Hills, CA residents trust that can help you with your case. A good airbag injury attorney can help you pursue legal action against those who failed to properly maintain the airbag system in your car and thus resulted in injuries due to the failure of the airbag system upon deployment during the accident. Contact an attorney today at the Law Offices of Barry P. Goldberg for help with your case!

What Is An Airbag Accident Lawyer?

You may be wondering what an airbag injury lawyer can do for you. An airbag injury lawyer will work with the police department to make sure that your rights are not violated and that the other driver is held accountable. This is important because the car manufacturer’s insurance company may try to contact you to take advantage of your situation. They would rather settle out of court than risk a trial because they know they will lose in court. When this happens, you need to hire an attorney who specializes in these cases and knows how the system works. The last thing you want to do is sign any papers or agree to settle for less than what you deserve if there are any other potential defendants involved such as the car manufacturer or parts manufacturers.

What Can I Do After A Car Crash?

After a car crash, it is vital to do the following:

1) Check yourself and others for injury. If you are injured, get medical attention as soon as possible.

2) Get contact information from other drivers and witnesses if possible.

3) Take photos of the scene with your phone or camera if you can.

4) Exchange insurance information with all parties involved in the collision.

5) Collect any paperwork relating to the accident such as auto repair estimates and police reports.

6) Seek legal advice right away if necessary so you have time to hire a Woodland Hills airbag accident lawyer and learn what other steps may be needed during this process.

Forms Of Compensation After An Auto Accident

There are three different forms of compensation that can be given to the victim of an automobile accident: economic damages, pain and suffering damages and punitive damages. Economic damages cover the costs associated with the injury such as medical bills and lost wages. Pain and suffering damages cover any physical or emotional pain caused by the injury. Punitive damages are awarded to punish defendants if they acted willfully or recklessly. It is possible for a person who was injured in an airbag accident to receive all three types of compensation. If you have been involved in an auto accident, it is important to consult a personal injury lawyer about your rights so that you know what to expect from your case.

Contact a Woodland Hills airbag accident lawyer for help today at the Law Offices of Barry P. Goldberg.

How is it possible that an airbag can hurt me more than keep me safe?

While an airbag is a standard safety feature in many cars, that does not mean they are always completely effective. An airbag may fail to deploy at the right time during a car accident, they may fail to deploy at all, or they may deploy when you have not even been in a car accident. Our Woodland Hills airbag accident lawyer knows that any of these scenarios can cause you to be harmed. 

Is it a manufacturing problem?

When the airbag does not work correctly, it is possible this will fall under a product liability claim. This means that we have several avenues to look at. Our airbag accident lawyer in Woodland Hills, California will look at:

  • Possible Design Defects. This means that the product was faulty because the original design for the airbag was faulty. This is particularly dangerous because it means that your airbag may not be the only one causing harm to others.
  • Possible Manufacturing Defects. Unlike a design defect, the original design may be perfectly fine. However, when your airbag was being manufactured, the manufacturer may have forgotten to put in a part on a certain number of airbags thus allowing the airbag to deploy when there was no crash.

If you have been injured because of a faulty airbag, please reach out to our trusted airbag accident lawyer in Woodland Hills, California from Barry P. Goldberg.