Auto Accidents Occurring On On-Ramps

Unfortunately, accidents near or on freeway off-ramps and on-ramps in the San Fernando Valley are more common than one might wish. Recently, for example, a So Cal driver carrying newspapers in a pickup truck hit a guardrail located near an onramp, flipped over, and the car lights turned off. A sedan headed onto the onramp ran into the truck, and the driver of the truck died as a result of this second accident.  In another instance, a woman pushing her baby in a stroller was seriously injured in a pedestrian accident when an SUV struck her as she was walking through the crosswalk of an on-ramp.

While many vehicles accelerate to enter the freeway at safe speeds, many do not and the risk to pedestrians, stopped cars, and other drivers is high. These tragic tales are a harsh reminder of the importance of driving without distractions and proceeding on and off of freeways with extreme care.